Thursday, March 8, 2012

Things That I Want: Hat Trick ala Robert Geller

Robert Geller
No, I'm not talking about scoring three times in Hockey, but rather for a few seasons now, designers had been embracing hats in their collections in a major way. I'm a hat guy. Everybody I know, knows this. I own a few fedoras and when traveling, I have made the same mistake, every time, of putting them on top of my carry-on for the fact that I don't want to be pretentious and bring a hat box like an old lady.  But guess what, no matter how careful I am, lo and behold my hats get crushed. So no matter what they say, I'm bringing a hat box next time I travel.

As busy as I am, this week is going by pretty darn fast. It's already Thursday! That means another Things That I Want post. This week it is just appropriate to match it with my Runway Monday Review for this week. I want the Robert Geller oversized fedora. We've seen these hats in a number of shows from big hitters like Lanvin, and Dior Homme to smaller following like Carlos Campos but I like the Geller hat since its not made of felt and definitely perfect for Spring/Summer. It is a toyo fedora with a four-inch brim and a contrast grosgrain band with bow. The hat retails for $ 235 and is available at Barney's. At the moment the blue variant is the only one ready to buy, so I'm waiting till the black ones becomes available.

This is not the only thing that I want from the Robert Geller's Spring/Summer collection, fishnet shirts, the shoes, and those wooden necklaces! Definitely, will be taking cues from the designer's spring/summer vision.

Well, it must be a hat trick for the designer after all.

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