Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Pattern Unfolding - Jed Texas by Saverio Cardia

What a busy Monday! Yesterday, I received a letter for a Jury duty summon that I missed, apparently. I'm rescheduling it for sometime next month. My very first, ever. So I'm a little excited. What does one wear when one as a juror, a dress code perhaps? Besides looking justified. E.S. has been saying, that most of the time, it's some boring case, which I've heard. I mean as far as I know nothing big has happened in San Francisco that was currently in trial. Oh well. I guess I shall find out when I get picked even.

In the newest issue of Essential Homme, Pattern Pending was the editorial that featured the season's most sort after patterns with Jed Texas by Why Not. Photographed by Saverio Cardia and styled by Lucio Colapietro. 

Nothing too special with this editorial just great patterns for Spring/Summer season. 

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