Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Uptown Boy err Man - Martin Beranek by Kosmas Pavlos

Even though realistically speaking there is no upper-east side in San Francisco, we have the Pac. Heights and the Marina district or just stand on top of a hill (pick one there are a few of them in SF) and you'll be surrounded my million dollar residences. So this applies to most cities, where you live will have a certain connotation that reflects about you. If you really think about it our society is just like high school and to my case, we're just out of uniform and much more expensive clothes.

The Wiener Model's fresh face, Martin Beranek is featured in a very elegant and sartorial photo shoot with Kosmas Pavlos. Barenek is outfitted by Felix Leblhuber and Max Marzinger in dapper looks fit for an Uptown Boy.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Runway Monday: Sizzling Snow - Snow: A White Fashion Event Runway Round-Up

Saturday night forecasted Snow, well not really. Actually it was a gorgeous summer I mean winter day. The temperature pushing 65 really, If I can recall. But I did attend the Snow fashion event that night.  The show took place at a transformed runway establishment in the SOMA district of San Francisco.

As I mentioned on my previous posts that the show called for the collection's and the attendees to wear an all white attire. To be honest it was interesting to see how did the others fair with this simple task. It was a mixed crowd. Some wore great head to toe looks of mixed fur (and faux fur), satin, lace, leather and linen while others fell on the way side wearing Hollister hoodies, and ughness-track suits but at least these people tried. There were a few people I saw that just didn't understand what "all white attire" meant; one wearing a pink WITH small white details on her dress and a couple eventhough interesting were wearing khaki/dirty gold colored looks. So I ask, did they get the memo that I got? Then again these were the individuals sitting behind me and a few rows back. But everybody that was sitting next to me on the front row looked impeccable in all white looks. 

Before the show began, a little wise runway etiquette was given to the front row. DO NOT CROSS YOUR LEGS. Bravo! I wish they also included to remove your sunglasses too to those celebrity wannabe that were wearing them that night. I mean the humanity! The sunset was hours before the show started. Sigh.

On to the shows.
Violeta Vieux showed her great women's evening wear and cocktail dresses. The details on these dresses were amazing. Another part of the show was three floor-grazing gowns transformed to cocktail dresses right on the runway. Some of the looks I've seen from last year's SF fashion week.

Julie Schindler showed a white collection that featured two piece sets of outerwear/jackets paired with wide leg pants. It also included a very interesting almost quilted looking jacket. It was probably the most wearable collection and easily marketable collection that night.

Cana Klebanoff was the only designer that featured menswear that night. The tailored suits and jackets were great and especially the one with the high collar. But the star of the of the show were the pants with a pleating detail on the sides. I almost felt guilty to think it kinda sucked because that they were white pants? I'm hoping they would come in a darker color. Yes eventhough I wore white pants that night I'm still iffy about wearing them. Time to call Cana Klebanoff to find out.

The wigged models showcased Herbert Williamson's all-white collection with a pretty almost upper eastsider (Manhattan) appeal. I loved how the wigs actually accentuated the luxe collection. I personally liked the off-shoulder looks.

Cari Borja's playful collection featured both menswear and womenswear. The show opened up with a playful tule dress that will make any twelve year old jealous. The male models whom ended up showing some skin featured great easy beach-y linen looks.

Last but not the least Joseph Domingo, The high-heeled designer closed the night with a fantasy collection. The collection featured an amazing flowy tiered dress, a lace gown with an amazing train detail and a beautiful body hugging sequined(?) gown. 

Overall, the collections were beautiful and some of the the details were just exquisite. I just wished that the ratio of menswear to womenswear was higher like last year's Snow fashion show.

Well Happy Monday Everybody!

And Beyond!

Photo Credit: A few pictures by Magdalene Chan and the rest taken by me.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Land of The Brave - Louis Mayhew, Jordan Torres, David Burgos, Alex Ciappara, Louis Galloway, & Billy Morgan by Joseph Bleu & Alex Alvarez

I love when old friends aka exes visits my town. One, I'm a firm believer that being cordial with your exes does not mean you want to get back with them. I mean I just don't want to feel like I wasted a part of my youth just because it didn't work out. Two, who knows you better than that someone that you shared the most intimate part of your life. And Lastly, you would never know how these people can help you in the long haul . . . and then there are the exceptions, those exes that I would probably set myself on fire first before I talk to them again. 

Kidding aside, Life is too short for regrets accept the reality and move on. Be brave. Once you see that each person does teach you one thing or another in this thing that we call life the better you feel about yourself and your life. 

Besides meeting with these people from your past is sometimes a validation for good or bad that you did or not do the right thing.

The good news is, the weekend is just starting and the Snow Fashion Show is tonight. Have a bubbly and enjoy your weekend my fashionistos and fashionistas! You deserve it! 

In this week's closing editorial post, The band of models namely, Louis Mayhew, Jordan Torres, David Burgos, Alex Ciappara, Louis Galloway, and Billy Morgan appear on the Brave New World editorial story that is on the newest issues of Flaunt Magazine. Joseph Bleu and Alex Alvarez capture the boys in a new front also known as the beach while Polar Buranasatit outfitted the boys with the current and next season's trends.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Forecast: Snow - Snow Fashion Event

You've read it from my previous posts that this Saturday (tomorrow) is the most awaited Snow Fashion Show. An exclusive all-white attire event that will be held in Cowden in SF. I know, I know I have said in the past that I would try to deviate from the tight dress code and wear a lighter khaki drop crotch pants by Vivienne Westwood but as a back-up I did went to get white pants (ugh) last Friday. Well I suppose that it was a blessing in disguise since the pants actually showed up a lot darker hue than the pictures on the V.W. website.

The fashion show is not by any means a reflection of the season but rather the all white collection that Cana Klebanoff, Cari Borja, Herbert Williamson, Julie Schindler, Violetta Vieux and Joseph Domigo will be showing.

It has been quite a while since I planned for an all-white attire and the last time was a beach wedding.  So, the easiest way to get around an all white attire . . . I mean without wearing a white tux would be either go for the literal snow attire meaning a white knit and probably a white scarf or go the beach/Miami white attire. Both, I thought, would be a little depraved and most likely be the easy way out. 

So my outfits to events are in the most part inspired by what I see from shows and editorials. The inspiration for the Snow event? The Maison Kitsune Spring/Summer 2012 collection. The collection itself is inspired by the literary piece, The Great Gatsby. I think the 1920's is probably one of my favorite eras in terms of clothing. 

The inspiration looks:

So my outfit includes:

  • White silk charmeuse night jacket 
  • White Zara structured shirt with mini collar 
  • White western bow tie
  • White Zara pants
  • White Energie leather airbrushed "faux wingtip"
  • White Goorin Bros duckbill hat

The last email I got about the event is telling me that the event is at full capacity. I can't wait till saturday and actually see what the men of San Francisco came up for an all white attire evening. 

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Out of Sight, Out of Mind - Mitchell Smith by Man Tsang

I wish that the person I really liked live where I live but a whole country separates us. Me living in San Francisco and the other person living in New York. Sort of like from that movie with Drew Barrymore.

It is especially trying when I want to actually do something couple-y and I have to settle for another person. To as simple as watching a movie. Luckily I have good friends but alas not the same.

I'm not as sentimental as other nor I'm feeling it since the whole Valentines thing is coming, it just dawned on me that what I have IS a long distance thing. The thing I sworn off on.

Anyway, Mitchell Smith appears on MR Style Hong Kong.  Photographed by Man Tsang and styled by Anson Lau with pieces by Marc Jacobs, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Emporio Armani to name a few. The editorial featured some great eyewear that has pushed the boundaries of fashion.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Paris Men's Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012 - 2013 - Day 5

The final day of my Paris runway round-up!  Paris finished strong this season. There were a few collections that I found really great when it comes to details. Now to look forward to a few local upcoming shows then I'm off to Las Vegas and then New York on February.

Without further ado, the top five looks from the final day of Paris Menswear fashion week.

and Happy Hump Day!!!

Acne was all about the details and texture, I love how the collection unfolded from the all black looks to the colors and then closed again with the blacks. All-around great pieces paraded the Acne runway this season.
The quirky designer showcased a great collection of well tailored pieces and knits. I love the playful cape! I wouldn't wear it but it looked great in the show. Other than that, the ghosts prints on the sweaters were cute.

Arnys once again showcased a collection with a hint of french 18th century. I said hint because the looks had a more modern cut and did not feel too dated. The color story of the collection mirrored a very cool autumn air.
Great color blocking and classic tailoring.

Drop crotch pants, hint of fur and leather? what else can I ask for. If there would be a collection that would surmise my over all look for this year, this would be it. Loved it! Avery relaxed tailoring and styling.
Another great collection from Ossendrijver, I love how most of the outer fit a little quirky yet fit the model's body just right. A lot of the pieces referenced the 70's but the collection was from dated. There were a few pieces that I loved especially some great accessories. The hats?! OMG. I also liked the slouched leather bags.
 Great outerwear pieces but I'm not really familiar with the brand.

 A lot were disappointed with lack of "lines" for the new Paul Smith collection. I actually liked the fisherman/nautical theme of the collection, especially the green sweater that gave a slight metallic sheen. The color scheme remained in the more darker hues but with little pops of color here and there.

Qasimi as I expected showcased a collection that somewhat hinted millitary but more street. The tartans and the transparent shirts were great paired with the long-floor-grazing skirts. Strong patterns like the ones featured in this collection can cheapen the looks but this was not true in this case. The pieces still looked luxe and sophisticated.

A plethora of gold lame, leather and embellishments. A lot of hit and miss in this collection. The avante garde looks pushed the boundaries of being obscene and fashionable. But I couldn't help but cringe on some of the looks that paraded the runway.
A well-tailored collection featuring pieces that I've seen from collections from the last two weeks. Trend or not, the luxe collection felt uninspired to me probably because I have seen the same looks from the other collections? Perhaps. The collection was not bad by any means just a bit safe. I'm just glad to see more wearable pieces this time around.
Oh Thom Browne, never a dull day. three main looks paraded the runway, a masked man, a hulking brute or a spiked hair diva. Yes, the shoulder pads were built in the outfit. As always with a Thom Browne show, look closer to find the wearable pieces and there were a lot of great jackets, trousers and accessories that were actually nice.

Day 5: Acne, Agnes B, Arnys, Bill Tornade, Franck Boclet, Lanvin, No Editions, Paul Smith, Qasimi, Rynshu, Songzio, Thom Browne.