Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Suit Up - Strong Suits by Will Davidson

I guess it was about time that winter comes to SF. For the past couple of days the temperature had been dipping to the lower 40's which to most standards is not that cold but compared to the beautiful weather last week? Yep, I had to break out the sweaters and my lighter coats. My week has been slightly packed and eventful to say the least  both professionally and socially.

Speaking of warmer weather, today's editorial featured a new breed of swimwear that American men are slowly embracing . . . for the good or the bad. Will Davidson lensed the editorial with the styling help of Stevie Dance for the latest issue of Details Magazine. Dance showcased beachwear by Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Versace to name a few.

I personally at not that point yet to wear a skimpy number but I've been wearing a rather loose trunks as swim wear. I just remember I read somewhere in an American magazine making fun one of the celebs wearing trunks at the beach. I just shook my head at the columnist.

Happy Hump Day, my fashionistos and fashionistas!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

El Rediculo - Jose Maria Manzanares by Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Rituals and superstitions, everyone believes on at least one. From the sorta cray-cray to the uber cray-cray. The other night while talking to New York about food, Japanese food in fact.  New York mentioned that you should never pour your own sake because it is seven years bad sex. I thought it was ridiculous and the fact that I didn't know about this is even more ridiculous. I personally think that if you're having bad luck or bad sex, you're the only one to blame. Go change your luck.

Today's editorial features the most celebrated bullfighter at the moment Jose Maria Manzanares. The editorial story appears on the latest issue of VMan magazine that's photographed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino and styled by Carine Roitfeld. Manzanares is outfitted with pieces from the lines of Givenchy and Prada.

I love those horn earrings by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, the more I see them on editorials. Next purchase perhaps? New York you're reading this, right?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Runway Monday: Chilaxin' - Marni at H&M

My weekend went by like it never existed. After an . . . interesting fashion show on Saturday (Runway round up coming later this week), I pretty much just spent the whole weekend hanging out socializing with people or talking on the phone with New York . . . not I'm complaining or anything. Do you all think it would be weird to have an iPhone Facetime date where we both go to a restaurant and just chat while we eat? Oh the woes of a long distance relationship.

Well, Another full week is upon us.

For today's Runway Monday. I think it's about time to feature Marni at H&M. Eventhough I sort of like how easy-comfy looking the collection is, not to mention completely wearable, I'm still on the fence about it all. Of course there are pieces that I would want to own, like the vest and probably the spring/summer scarf. The prints on the shirts are quite nice as well.

Another reason I am sort of not excited about it is because it is being released on March 8th, a Thursday! Umm that's a work week for most people. Is it worth camping out? Perhaps. According to a few bloggers that I follow that got their sweaty (or not that sweaty) hands on the pieces before everybody did the quality is better than the previous capsule collections.

Adrian Bosch is the face of the Marni at H&M lookbook that mirrors the Marni Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

The commercial by Soffia Coppola is quite nice as well, very mellow. After the video a link to the behind the scenes is included. So, follow that and just listen to Coppola's soothing voice as she explains her vision.  

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cut and Print - Travis Cannata & Ian Mellencamp by Milan Vukmirovic

Another weekend is here! Love + Rock & Roll fashion event is tonight but before that, I have a few social and professional responsibilities to do. Last night, I was working till the last minute for a project that I'm not even involved in. I know I'm such a good samaritan or just sucking up. I guess we will never know. I also attended the opening of Asterisk magazine's art gallery/office. It's in my neighborhood in the Mission so why not. It was fun and I'm glad to see some friends and acquaintances at that event. I loved the artists' installations, and the great bartender. Especially the one about a long distance relationship by Carissa Potter. Amazing and of course my friend's great artwork, Boris Jovanovic.

In this week's closing editorial, We have one of Milan Vukmirovic's project for his new magazine Fashion for Men. In the first issue, he shoots Travis Cannata and Ian Mellencamp in pieces from the last line of D&G that is styled by Scarlett Viquel. 

Like I always say Milan has such great eye and he captures the most interesting images.

I love it. Happy Weekend and I will see you on Monday.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Black & Gold Part 2 - Love + Rock & Roll: The Outfit

Yesterday after work, I went to my hat store extraordinaire, Goorin Bros in the Haight district to buy a wide brim fedora but they didn't have my size. I was devastated and panicked a bit. What does a fashionisto do at a fashion crisis like this? Go vintage. The Haight was perfect for that. What do you know, I found, eventhough not as dramatic ala outback/amish looking, a hat that had character which I loved. Another good thing about the purchase? It cost a fraction of my budget for the Goorin hat.

This weekend will be events after another for me, starting tonight at a Gallery party and of course, an Oscar party this Sunday. 

But tomorrow, I will be attending another local fashion event called Love + Rock & Roll. The designer line up includes West Coast Leather, Rogue, Alyssa Nicole, Bradley Douglas Jordan, Cirque Noir, Eimaj Design and Zubauen. More than anything I'm just excited about the venue since it would be at the American Industrial Center in the Dog Patch. I rarely if not ever go to that part of town but recently great restaurants and art galleries and studios had been popping over there. Not to mention, the old warehouses turning to chic lofts are located there. 

I also included a link at the end of this post to where to get tickets and get additional info for the event. Check it out! I'm a host eventhough they got my last name wrong. 

The inspiration for my outfit comes from Kris Van Assche's  Dior Homme Spring/Summer 2012 collection and Robert Geller's. Since the weather has been amazing, I don't have to worry about wearing a coat. I also chose a darker hue because what's rock and roll without black and gold? 

Happy Friday, my fashionistos and fashionistas!

The inspiration looks:

Dior Homme
Robert Geller

My Outfit:
  • Vintage wide brim fedora
  • Givenchy legging trousers
  • Dark Brown Blazer
  • Vivienne Westwood high collar shirt
  • Versace for H&M shorts
  • Energie gold skull chain necklace
  • Romain Kremer for Camper oxford shoes
  • Alexander McQueen knuckle duster ring 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Black & Gold Part 1 - Matt Woodhouse & Toby Denyer by Toby Knott

It seemed everybody was having one of those very long short work week, me included. So I ended up celebrating hump day by watching a hockey game in North Beach and finishing the night catching up with a few friends over drinks. Sure, I didn't get to talk to New York that long but it was okay. We were both busy hanging out with friends.

In today's editorial that appeared in Rollacoaster magazine. Matt Woodhouse and Toby Denyer appeared in a black and gold pieces by Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, Gucci and American Apparel. The editorial was shot by Toby Knott and styled by Way Perry. 

This is sort of the look I'm going for, for Saturday's Love + Rock & Roll fashion show. Black and Gold, I'll be posting the second part of this post tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It Is What It Is - Chad White & Brian Shimansky by Ruvan Wijesooriya

Mardi Gras or should I say Fat Tuesday was yesterday. I grew up Catholic but I have not practiced fasting nor watched what I ate during lent in years. I know my mother would be Oh-So proud. Eversince college, to me, Mardi Gras has only been associated with consumption of some form of alcoholic beverage on a weeknight. But hey how is that any different from an after-work activity with 20-somethings semi/professionals like myself. Not a damn thing. It is what it is.

For my mid-week editorial post, I give you a great editorial story that appears on the current issue of Flaunt magazine. Some Dudes Marry Dudes is photographed by Ruvan Wijesooriya and features top models Chad White and Brian Shimansky. The faux-couple were styled by Long Nguyen with pieces by Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, and Versace to name some.

I promised that I wont get political nor religious in my blog but I have to agree to what Anne Hathaway said during a speech,

Love, is a human experience, not a political statement.

Change is coming and in the end, all we can do is breath. It is what it is.

Happy Hump Day my fashionistos and fashionistas.