Friday, November 30, 2012

Sleepless in San Francisco - Elia Cometti by Giovanni Squatriti

The funny thing about staying with New York/ES when I came to visit, those four days came and went but at the same time felt like an eternity. I think that's why I haven't really "recuperated" from all of a sudden sleeping alone again. I know it seems ridiculous but alas it's exactly 2 am right now and I'm awake. Sure it might be just insomnia but there's this longing to be with this person. I guess that will be one thing that I envy from conventional relationships and that person you're dating is just a car ride away. Eventhough we do call or video chatt as frequent as we do, it will never replace an actual touch.

I know there's one solution to this but I shall cross the bridge when I get there.

Happy Friday my fashionistos and fashionistas! Finish strong and stay dry to my fellow San Franciscans!

In today's editrial post we have Elia Cometti as he appeared on the third issue of the Parisian magazine, ODDA. Giovanni Squattiti photographs Cometti surrounded by pieces for Versace Home and styled by David Martin with pieces from Versace's offerings for Spring/Summer 2013. GOD! I love that one image with the sleeveless blazer, my favorite piece from the collection. 

Speaking of Versace, The new cologne Eros' advert with Brian Shimansky is pretty darn cool. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holidaze - Florian Neuville by Bryan Huynh

Now that all the Thanksgiving "festivities" are over. It is time to get ready for the holiday festivities. I will probably start my Christmas shopping this week. My biggest priority is to find the perfect gifts for my three nieces, the most important kids in my life right now. Then something for New York/E.S. something I can send out easily. For some reason the hardest people to shop for are the ones I date. The easiest one I can think about would be tickets to see me here in San Francisco, honestly. BUT that's more like a gift for me than for New York/E.S., not like I have a problem with that. I know most of y'all are probably having a hard time going back to work this week after the long holiday weekend but hey, I just can't believe it's almost December. Where did time go, especially after Summer.

For today's post we have new comer, Florian Neuville, as he grazes the pages of the third issue of SID magazine. The great editorial is photographed by Bryan Huynh and styled by Yu-Jen Wang. I love the bold pieces that are relevant and actually goes with the whole aesthetic of the editorial. The only comment I had is that on some pictures his eyes look "dead" I would like to see some intensity on them especially the last photograph. But the editorial is great nonetheless.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Cat Is Out of My Jack Spade Bag - Matt Ardell by Christian Ferretti

Hopefully my fashionistos and fashionistas had a great week and for my fellow Americans had a great Thanksgiving. I'm, personally, glad that I didn't gauge myself with food and rendered myself helplessly on the couch succumbing to food induced coma. For most of us it was not just one dinner or lunch but a marathon of eating for a couple of days, on my case. I also didn't partake with the craziness that was called Black Friday. The lines and the chaos of it all never appealed to me. No matter how cheap the merchandise got. Besides most of the time I would go do my Christmas shopping a couple of days later and they would still have the same things that they had from Black Friday.

I spent Thanksgiving day with the family and the day after with friends. One of my really good friends shared his tradition with us which was tree ornaments with our names and we pick a word that spoke to us from another set of ornaments. I chose reconciliation. Eventhough the gravity of the word was not as intense as New York/ES getting back together. It spoke greatly of what transpired the week I was in New York.

Have a great weekend Everyone!

We close this week with an editorial that appeared on the latest issue of Hero magazine. Matt Ardell was photographed by Christian Ferretti and styled Gro Curtis. The cover story featured some beautiful and haunting images with some great dramatic pieces to match the mood. Eventhough it has only 8 issues under its belt, Hero has been a favorite magazine of mine. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Things That I Want: Thankful, Fur Sure - Zara

Well first and foremost,

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans!

Another year, a million and one things I am thankful for this year. One the amazing new job. Thanks to the great opportunity to work with such great individuals. Two, the people I met in the fashion industry. I've learned a lot from these people. Three my amazing friends and family for being there for me. Four my fashionistos and fashionistas around the world, thank you for your patronage. And last but not the least, New York/ES you've been my rock and my inspiration. I Love You and thank you for the fond memories and I can't wait to make more. I guess the second time is the charm.

Alright, remember to breath in between spoonful of food and drink plenty of liquor water.

In today's Things That I Want post. I'm feeling a little frisky. I don't know is it because I saw the Broadway production of The Lion King on my recent trip to NYC or I basically just love the way it looks. Well, like most coat and heavy knit wear that I own there's a chance that I will be wearing this probably once a year or as of late, when I'm in NYC. Since I'm back with New York/ES I will be over there more than twice a year, not counting my trips for Mercedes Benz NYFW. Way to go rack up those miles. Yay me. This piece, which is pretty much a sold piece for me, is from Zara. It's a fur lined heavy knit cardigan. I personally don't like knits and I prefer to wear jackets but I've been eyeing this piece for a hot minute . . . well actually just over the weekend when I stopped by their flagship store while I was in New York. The cardigan retails fo $159.

Photo Credit: Ram Boneh & Eduardo Oliver by Chris Logan, styled by Don West.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Runway Monday: But It's All Worth It - 3.1 Philip Lim Spring/Summer 2013 Review

This would be a really quick post since I wanted to take the night to "collect" myself before going back to work today. It would one of those short-long weeks. Yesterday kicked my butte! Eventhough I flew first class, so I could truly relax on the flight and preempting a trying day. It still wasn't enough. I was on my bed at 7:30 pm feeling a little sick to add to the physical and emotional exhaustion from the trip. Then again, New York/ES had the notion that I was having withdrawals. Probably, maybe, I'll humor that idea.

About that, my trip to New York was just what I needed. The first time in a long while that I didn't have to wake up super early to get to shows or have the whole day booked and all that I do would be revolving fashion week events. It was so refreshing to wear "semi-normal" clothes and not "look who I'm wearing" pieces. Not to mention COAT WEATHER. We actually did things on the fly and change our minds when we thought of something else to do. It was the freedom that I loved. I actually jogged at New York/ES's neighborhood, It felt like I was a local. Ha! But my trip was not all liesure I made sure to be part of two relief events benefiting those who were affected by super storm Sandy. The CFDA's fashion for Sandy Relief event and actually volunteering to do well . . . whatever needed to be done in Longbeach, NY.

It felt good.

In today's post we have a brand that I love but yet with its aesthetic I always shied away from. Philip Lim's offering for Spring/Summer 2013 was too good to be ignored. I loved that minimalist element of the collection. But that was not saying that the collection was boring. It had a great deal on whimsy but it was all from the details on the rather very Americana pieces. It was somewhat preppy yet not stuffy but rather a very cool collective breath to it. The color story remained on the basics side with a touch of gold leafs and slight baroque embroidery but a lot less jarring compared to the Dolce & Gabbana collection. I must admit not one of strongest and impressionable collection but I loved it. The reason that I loved the collection was because of the accessories in it. I love the sunglasses and of course those bags were just to die for. I'm still coveting that one 3.1 Philip Lim from a earlier this year. I didn't really liked the striped pants because for one thing striped pants are just hard to pull off in the real world. Overall the collection featured some great pieces like the gold leafed jackets with some misses like the striped pants and those motorcycle/"bondage" pants (yikes) for me. To me, they felt over designed.  The simpler the piece the more I loved it and the more they feel more coveted. By the way, the styling for this show was just superb.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baggages, Taxis, Planes and Repeat - Andrea Preti by Andrea Vailetti

This will be my last post for the week. I'm planning to enjoy as much time as I can with New York/ES. It's been months, two to be exact, since the last time we've seen each other. I know it usually takes me 20 minutes to write a quick post but that would be 20 minutes of distraction away from the person I love like a lot. I know for a fact that my fashionistos and fashionistas will understand. I'm actually really happy since except for the show tonight. I would be free to do whatever I want for four days, well relatively speaking. But of course, a few last minute "surprises" and hitches presents itself last night. So busy, busy till the last second I leave. Typical.

Well, have a great rest of the week and enjoy your weekend, my fashionistos and fashionistas! I will be back first thing Monday.

In today's editorial we have Andrea Vailetti as he photographs top model Andrea Preti for the November issue of Maxim Italia. Roberta Lo Baido styles Preti in handsome, laid back looks by Z Zegna, Salvatore Feragamo, Gucci, Gallo and G Star Raw to name a few. I love the chronological outfits. Makes you think models are human too. I kid, I kid.

Monday, November 12, 2012

To New Beginnings - Pascal Bonvie by Thomas Lohr

I know I should have a runway report today but my schedule had been super hectic. I'm foregoing  this week's review. Since I would be having a short work week this week, I'm swamped with work and deadlines for the next few days. I'm heading to New York on Wednesday and would be gone till next week. A big part of me was just ecstatic to able to see my New York/ES right in front of me and in the flesh but another part was a little anxious because of the amount of work I have to do before Wednesday.

At least my weekend was a lot of fun. Tiring and running on a few hours of sleep but it was nice to hang out with all the people that came out.

Happy Monday! I know some people had today off. Not moi. Regardless, Thanks to all our Veterans. Happy Veteran's Day.

To start of the week, I found this beautiful editorial that appeared on the latest issue of Metal magazine. Photographed by uber talented Thomas Lohr and styled by Santi Rodriguez. Pascal Bonvie showcased a lot of from-behind shots featuring the amazing collection of Kris Van Assche for the Fall/Winter 2012  offering for the Dior Homme house.