Saturday, September 29, 2012

Runway Report: San Francisco Fashion Week - Emerging Designers

One runway night down, two more to go. Anna Dello Russo had said in the past that you should only wear an outfit ones. So, there lies the dilemma. Eventhough I do have a walk-in closet the size of a tiny room in Manhattan. I still re-wear some of the pieces I own . . . maybe not at the same sequence of outfit but I mix and match them. Shhh . . . that's a secret of a great closet, great pieces that you can mix and match. Not to mention, New York fashion week was just a couple of weeks ago. I have used all my outfits there. Last night, I wore my military inspired ala Dior Homme. A look that I love.

Last night's show featured some of San Francisco/Bay Area's up and coming designers. So there will be dresses and gowns in these up coming posts. I know.


Great dresses with nice trims on the bottom. A little madmen-esque but cute.

Rebecca Cho

This collection featured some of the best prints I have seen on dresses. Flowy and flirty summed up the collection.

Shenova by Holly Renee

Yes, I'm going to say it. By far my favorite collection of the night. I love that collection evokes an almost Christopher Kane aesthetic. The prints were phenomenal especially the planets and galaxy ones. If there was one thing I didn't like, it was the feathers. I didn't quite get it. I really wish she comes up with shirts for men with these prints.

Brandon Murphy

DRAMA! Alright, I didn't really love every piece in this collection because it bothers me to see unfinished hems. But there were pieces that were truly exquisite. the box dress was very unexpected but really cute.

 Below The Surface

The only menswear that showed tonight, Great varsity jackets and hoodies with unique camo and animal prints. The collection was nothing out of the ordinary but I do love the soundtrack that they used.

Rodrigo Trujillo

Plastic see-through material and basket weaving. The collection was borderline risque with a tinge . . . okay more than a tinge of dominatrix. I love the shredded orange/black dress that when the model moves showed what was underneath, a pop of yellow.

Tonight, we have the ready-to-wear shows at the SOMArts in Soma.

I think tickets are still available and you can get them *here*

Friday, September 28, 2012

Ours - Arthur Gosse & John Todd by Matthew Brookes

Yep, on the height of a VERY busy week for me, I succumbed. I'm not single anymore. Yikes. New York/ES and I decided to give it another whirl. The stakes are high but here's to following my heart for a change. We have one life to live and I plan to live it to the fullest and not in doubt. In the end if two people get into a decision to date each other, that is what's important in the end. Wrong or right, to us it feels right.  No matter what other people say.

It's Friday, finally! Tonight is the first runway show for San Francisco fashion week.

In today's editorial we have Arthur Gosse and John Todd as they appear on the 24th issue of Numero Homme. The beautiful black and white project is shot by Matthew Brookes and styled by Serge Girard.
I'm loving those shield sunglasses and select pieces from the collection of Yves Saint Laurent, Jil Sander and Prada. Those McQueen visors, J'adore!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Special Report: Dapper Who? - Dapperhood Menswear Styling Network Launch Event

Fashion week wouldn't be complete without the parties . . . I mean networking events. Alright, I was really excited that this year that they had an event where fashionable men of San Francisco were celebrated. I know, I know I'm not going to compare it to New York but alas! I was happy to see that the men of San Francisco stepped up to the occasion!

The party networking event was held at the Rstate store in downtown San Francisco. I've passed the store numerous times but it was my first time to actually step inside the store. I saw a few pieces that I sort of wanted especially the fact that I'm in the market for boots right at the moment.

One of the featured companies tonight was The Tie Society which was like a Netflix for ties. I thought it was an interesting idea since, honestly, why do only women have these rent-a-purse/shoes companies? Another person that I spoke to was a jewelry designer that has the potential to be big. Sure this sounded like the buyer side of me was talking but I do love his bracelets.

ANYWAY, here were some of the looks that I love from last night.

  • The first guy (left) had this interesting details on his jacket 
  • I love the print shirts and the pop of color on our second and third guys
  • fourth guy had a great YSL pin that I so want!
  • Last guy had this Jack Spade backpack that I thought was very reminiscent of the Louis Vuitton backpack that I wanted

  • I love the undeniable cool of the first guy from his shirt to his shoes
  • Love the shirt, love the bag on the second
  • Great colorful sweater/bowtie combo and the guy on the plaid jacket is an accessory designer that I love
  • classically dapper, he looked so well put together. 

  • I love this color combination A LOT
  • Probably the most interesting trio of the night
  • *Sigh*  Prep-erfection on the pink shirt and bowtie
  • I really love the way this guy incorporated the military inspired aesthetic
  • The brave man with the three piece suit

and of course the last and but not the least . . .

  • I was wearing my vintage fedora, Dior wrap, My black studded Givenchy sleeveless shirt, Zara khaki shorts, black socks and my Generic Man/Comme des Garcons brogues the look inspired by my current obsession, Robert Geller.
  • Thanks to Owen Geronimo for the photo of myself
That's it for today.

Next stop the runway shows. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Runway Monday: Wear Flowers In Your Hair - Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer 2013 & San Francisco Fashion Week Schedule

Okay, to say the least that was an interesting weekend indeed. Not bad and not extremely great but . . . interesting indeed. I would not go into details BUT it would be one for the books . . .if there was such book about weirdly interesting weekends.

ANYWAY, This week is San Francisco's very own fashion week. It's not as big as New York nor as hectically scheduled but I'm quite excited to see the line up. Unlike, New York which is by invite only, anybody can also purchase your tickets here!

The events for this week are as follow:

9/24  San Francisco Fashion Week Opening Party - Astro Studios, 348 6th St, SF
9/25 Fashion+Tech Expo & Social Media Panel - Citizen Space, 425 2nd St, SF
9/26 Dapperhood Meswear Styling Network Launch Even - RState Store, 272 Sutter St, SF
9/27 SFMADE & Fashion Initiative. - NextSpace, 28 2nd ST, SF
9/28 Stellar SF Fashion Awards 2012 & SFFW Runway: Emerging Designers - Astro Studios, 348 6th St

  • Brandon Murphy
  • Below The Surface
  • Mikelsen
  • Rebecca Cho
  • Rodrigo Trujillo
  • Shenova by Holly Renee
9/29 Innovation Management Institute's Future of Fashion Gameference - Astro Studios, 348 6th St
        SFFW Runway: Ready-To-Wear - SOMArts, 934 Brannan St, SF

  • Alyssa Nicole
  • GreenBlackDress
  • InLush by Biviana Lazo
  • Ray Oliver
  • R State San Francisco
  • West Coast Leather
9/30 SFFW Runway: Couture & Avent Garde -  Nissan Infiniti San Francisco, 1395 VanNess St, SF

  • Artful Gentleman
  • Camelia Skikos
  • Keneuoe
  • La Bete by Jennifer Ly
  • Scott Ian Mcfarland
  • Van Der Neer: The 11th Dimension
So if you find yourself in San Francisco why not check out a few shows and events.

Speaking of San Francisco and wearing-flowers-in-your-hair, we have Vivienne Westwood's Spring Summer 2013 for today's Runway Monday Review. If you're familiar with her shows, it is always a production. For Spring/Summer 2013 though, it is surprisingly toned down. We still see the usual suspects which are the quirky details and styling, and loose silhouettes on the more tailored pieces. But to my opinion a more cohesive collection than the previous season. The collection's more tailored looks consists of pieces that can be work friendly but yet fun enough to be an individual. On the other hand, the casual looks consists of great slouchy shorts,  plaid tunics and great prints that equally looks as handsome as the rest of the collection. I absolutely adore the worn in sweaters and the paper bag waist pants but would pass on the pieces with geometric prints. The accessories, especially the clunky bug necklaces and butterfly lapel pins are both fun and great statement pieces. The collection also showcase her signature slip-ons/ penny loafers and an interesting three tongue snickers. Eventhough I didn't miss the I-love-my-country feel to her collection this season, I thought it is actually a nice little break.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Smoke - Joe Collier, Mikkel Jensen, & Otto Pierce by Tim Richardson

Last night, I received a text message from somebody whom I regularly dated for the past couple weeks. it read,

Remember me? We were sorta dating a week ago before you left for New York?

Okay, I maybe M.I.A. for a hot New York minute (pun intended) but the keyword was "sorta dating" I believe. The fact that nothing was official per se does not tie me down to anybody really. Of course, I didn't really expect to rekindle anything with New York/E.S. either. Aside from a busy work schedule I think my social calendar would fill up nicely but thanks to the new iOS 6 syncing all my calendars would be a breeze. 

It's the weekend, almost! It's going to be a busy weekend for me. So I will see you all on Monday! San Francisco fashion week begins this weekend as well as the fetish fair at Folsom. what a combination but hey at least the editorial today fits the weekend's festivities. 

We close the week with an editorial that appeared on Vogue Hommes Japan. Shot by the world renowned photographer, Tim Richardson, to salute the late Francis Bacon. Joe Collier, Mikkel Jensen, and Otto Pierce were styled by Nicola Fomichetti with pieces by Marlon Gobel, Vivienne Westwood, Prada and Calvin Klein to name a few.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What I Want - Chris Peterson, Alfred Kovac, Chris Bunn, Kristof Kralik, & Vika Volkute by Giampolo Sgura

After work on Tuesday, I met with one of my good friends for some Happy Hour drinks. We both had a long day and of need for some libation. For some reason, the conversation always goes on to the fact that New York/E.S. and I had been talking again . . . and the fact that I haven't called nor made the effort to see the person I was sorta/kind of seeing before NYFW bothers some of my friends or so they said.

One word, effortless.

But we've been here before. Second chances or the was this just a high from seeing each other again.

In today's post, we have an editorial that appeared on the Fall/Winter 2012 issue of Hercules magazine. Photographed by the talented Giampaolo Sgura. The edgy, dark almost disturbing editorial was stared by Chris Peterson, Alfred Kovac, Chris Bunn, Kristoff Kralik, and Vika Volkute. Styled by Miguel Arnau the boys with pieces by Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, and Givenchy to mention a few.