Friday, March 9, 2012

On Your Video Phone - Tobias Sorensen by Julian Schratter

Gone are the days of just regular phone call to your love ones. Why call when you can actually see them via video chat. Skype, Oovoo, facetime, Facebook video chat, you name it and it's there and I think it's great. I would never thought I would be that person that turns down my friends' invite to go out, so I could stay in and have a video date with the person I'm dating living in New York. Pretty surreal, really. Both of us are not that loaded that we can just hop on a plane to see each other so our  little at home video chats help to ease this one thing that prevents us from being together; all 2,900 miles of it . . . plus or minus.

In today's post, the twelfth issue of Carbon Copy features Tobias Sorensen as photographed by fellow model Julian Schratter for the editorial Shake It. Torian Lewin styles the top model in pieces by Duckie Brown, Timo Weiland, Miguel Antoine to name a few. 

I think one of the reasons I like Carbon Copy is for the fact that their editorials are always simple but the photography is always great.

Friday is here. Celebrate.

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