Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things That I Want: Birds Of The Same Feather - Givenchy

Finally, warm weather! Spring was in the air and all that good stuff. After the all-rain last week, nice weather visited San Francisco yesterday. Eventhough rain was being forecasted for the next couple days. It was great while it lasted. I got to hang out at Dolores park with a friend enjoying a crisp, cold bottle of Chardonnay and a sandwich from Ike's. Nope, not that romantic. I don't think New York (or E.S. I'm thinking of using initials instead of the city moniker) would approve of me going to a park play date. It was more like a Hump Day celebration. Very Platonic!

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I'll keep this short and sweet.

For today's Things That I Want post I give you the Givenchy Birds of Paradise shirt; T-shirt and button down variant. If you were aware of the collection there were a few variants available of the same kaleidoscope effect of the Bird of Paradise print but I think as much as I love the it print of the Spring/Summer season splattered on the shirts I like this minimalist touch on the shoulders. So if I get tired of it I can just hide it in a blazer or a jacket. Not to mention that the shoulder detail was much easier to style with other pieces than the full frontal assault of some of the prints. The shirt retails for $610 and the button down for $685, not bad at all for a Givenchy shirt.

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