Monday, March 19, 2012

Runway Monday: About Face - Tommy Hilfiger Fall/Winter 2012-13 Review

Another favorite of mine from the last Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, Tommy Hilfiger almost did a complete re-imagination of the brand. What a surprise! Being so used to Tommy Hilfiger's all-American aesthetic, that when the show started I had to make sure I was seeing the right show. The theme for this season was cadet prep which played with military looks and uniform. The outerwear were just amazing with the leather and high neck details. Some of the coats were adorned with fur, leather straps and mix and match of epaulettes and braided metallic details. I also liked how some of the coats were equipped to be zippered out for a more shorter version, very smart. The precision of the leather pieces were just absolutely gorg! Eventhough I would never wear leather pants, one because I don't ride motorcycles nor am I rockstar . . . okay wait let's just go for reason one there were a few that really looked great in this collection. The color story for the collection was uber masculine with neutrals, navy and maroon predominantly touches almost every piece. One of my favorite look was the one with textured leather motorcycle jacket with the shearling trim with leather pants and riding boots. There is just something about riding boots that I love but feel like Californians do not generally get. Eventhough the knits generally got out shined by the great outerwear pieces, I love the turtleneck with the across the body stripe ala sash, very regal.

Overall, going for a different feel for the brand this coming Fall/Winter season was such a good idea it felt like a breath of fresh air during a crisp winter day.

Another great weekend, with St. Patrick's day and all. I attended a few social events and a friend's birthday rounded up my weekend. Did you wear green? I did. But gone were the days of wearing green shirts with a clover leaf and some cooky hat, going to a St. Patrick's day to an early dinner with drinks at the Waterbar with some friends from my fashion circle required more than that. I wore my greenish Versace leopard print shirt, my blue Drykorn blazer and my skinny black pants paired with my Romain Kremer shoes. Rounding the look with my Vivienne Westwood necklace. But the juxtaposition of my outfit or myself when thrown amidst the general public was amusing . . . to me.  After hanging out with my fashion people I went to my friend's birthday event that was held at a Karaoke bar on Market street called The Mint. Where, inside I was surrounded by beads, cooky hats and green shirts with clover leaf. The irony of it all, really. Nevertheless I had fun because I was with great company.

Weekend it has been real fun, but Monday's here and time to saddle up and work it.

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