Saturday, July 30, 2011

Paris? Oui, S'il Vous Plait! - Patrick O'Donnell by Aline & Jacqueline Tappia

As anything in this world, all good things must come to an end and so is my mini vaca. On a good note, as promised to myself I'm travelling more and as selfish as it sounds its gonna be a "me" time for a year or two and I'm barely starting.
In this editorial that appeared on Fashiontrend Magazine, WhyNot model, Patrick O'Donnell teams up with  photographers Aline and Jacqueline Tappia and stylist Nicholas Galletti for a very young and contemporary outing. Pieces from Quasimi, Lanvin, Thimister, Y-3, and Hermes to name a few. Great statement necklaces by Lanvin but I think the Quasimi jacket stole the show. Well, that's it I land back to, I'm guessing, a very foggy evening in SF tonight.  Le sigh. Well on a good note, it's Saturday!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Roman-tic! - Gerhard Freidl by Bruno Van Mossevlde

One of the top male models today, Gerhard Freidl is a sight to be hold amongst great architecture as his backdrop. The incredible shoot entitled A.I. MMXI XII that appears on the latest issue of Studio Magazine and was shot by Bruno Van Mossevelde. Freidl is styled with great belted looks from the fall/winter lines. By now, My vacation is well on its way. A much needed R & R if you would ask me. Well Happy Friday my fashionistos and fashionistas

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trend Thursdays: Picnic Time, Summertime

D&G SS 2011
Oh the picnic blanket collection by D&G. One of the biggest trend this summer is summarized as everything gingham, shirt most specifically. I mean next to plaid, it is one of the most common shirt (pattern/fabric) out there. Since everything these days are tailored, make sure that the shirt fits you well and slim/european cut, if possible. You can find gingham shirts at every preppy store you can probably think of but most of the time they're what I call "my dad's shirt" designer shirts tend to be more cut and fits on the body. I mean it's of the picnic blanket pattern already you don't want anybody to think that YOU are defo wearing a picnic blanket. Another point I would like to point out is how stylists are suggesting to be bold with your color combinations (i.e. green shirt/ blue shorts),  I mean, sometimes we should be realistic though, one, you do not want to look like a walking Christmas tree in the summertime and two, remember: MOST of the time, less is more. two color combinations is good, three, you're pushing it.
As I said yesterday, I'm on vacation right now and trying (the magic word) to do an unplugged vacation, meaning no facebook, email-checking minimized to once a day and no checking in or internet use with known location based apps unless it's an emergency and I mean a real one, i.e. when I get lost, but hey I'm on an island how 'Lost' can I be (hint hint)?

My Suggestions:

Links to where to get them:
Funny thing, most of these shirts are on sale! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Modern Decadence - Mat Gordon by Charles Guislain

I can't wait till tomorrow! My three day mini vacation, le commence! Wine, massages, and great weather. The ultimate R&R! None of this, half foggy/ half sunny weather that we San Franciscans call summer.  Anyways, All I need to do afterwork is pack and God only knows how hard will that be.
At any rate, For the summer issue of Crash magazine, Mat Gordon appeared on this editorial that was lensed by Charles Guislain. Gordon was styled by Julien Mazzoli with Decadent pieces from collections by Tom Ford, Comme Des Garcons, Dior Homme, and Jean Paul Gaultier. Since San Francisco Fashion Week is just around the corner, I'm glad to find this editorial. It gave me some ideas to what to wear for the opening Gala. Well, Happy Hump Day, my fashionistos and fashionistas.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The New Prep - Shandor by Thomas Vording

Recently, I was reading a street style blog poll about which look most people prefer for some reason people were were mostly against the prep look. Personally, I don't get it. I love the look and sometimes the the basis of my whole outfit was prep. Oh well I guess its not for everybody. In this editorial that appeared on Fashionisto featuring the model,  Shandor and styled by Dayenne Bekker with pieces by Fred Perry, Emporio Armani, and Mexx. I love that the old prep of wools and bowties are mixed with puffer jackets and more urban pieces. The editorial was shot by Thomas Vording. I think it is funny that in some editorials and I would be like "hmm I love that bowtie/shirt/belt/whatever, who's it by," and I look for the brand and it will be stylist own, figures.

Monday, July 25, 2011

La Musique Et La Brise D'été - Caio Cesar by Sebastian Tronscoso

Just in case you can't speak French, the title reads "the music and the summer breeze." Summertime is the season of great outdoor music festivals. San Francisco alone, has one every Sunday at different parks all over the city. The weekend was as planned very low key for me. A lot of lounging around and eating . . . under the sun. And it was great. I hope you had a wonderful weekend my fashionistos and fashionistas.
The editorial appeared on the Fiasco magazine's summer issue entitled Just Press Play. Lensed by Sebastian Troncoso and styled by Giulia Marsili with pieces from H&M, Lacoste and Danielle Alessandrini. Hey, I have those pants! Relax, it's just Monday.
On a side note, my condolences to Amy Whinehouse's family, who passed away this weekend.