Saturday, March 30, 2013

First World Problems - Aleksey Slovedov, Marin Merimaa, Szabolcs Szigethi, Georgios Petinis, Jacob Crosby, Eamon Bardal, Dennis Verbaas, & Florian Specht by David Tan

You know that phrase, First World Problems, that's most of my problems. I know that growing up and living in America with a quite err comfortable family. I know that I find myself complaining about the most minuscule hiccups on technology or first world lifestyle. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this but I do take a lot for granted because I do live in a major metropolis like unlimited texting and calling, wi-fi internet readily available literally everywhere.

Being in a long distance relationship, we rely heavily on technology to work for us. How about throw somebody outside the country where wifi is not everywhere and roaming costs an arm and a leg. Besides the patchy wifi hotspots and the wifi at the place you're staying at and . . . land line. Yes, pay phone and that thing that's connected to the wall when we were kids. Quel horreur!

It's only the second day. I guess Rio de Janeiro is not that bad, I mean it could be worse, really. A lot worse.

We close of this week with an editorial that appears on the third issue of Lab A4 magazine. The editorial features promising faces Aleksey Slovedov, Marin Merimaa, Szabolcs Szigethi, Georgios Petinis, Jacob Crosby, Eamon Bardal, Dennis Verbaas, and Florian Specht as styled and photographed by David  Tan. Of course it includes must-have pieces by Givenchy, Alexander Mc Queen, Comme des Garcons (the visor that I LOVE),  Balmain and Versace to name a few.

I'm going to keep this short because I'm multi tasking right now, Skyping and blogging. #firstworldproblems

Have an amazing weekend my fashionistos and fashionistas!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things That I Want: Come What May - Givenchy Spring/Summer 2013

Givenchy S/S 2013
What could be even worse than a long distance relationship between San Francisco and New York City? How about spending the next couple months even further away? I mean somebody going abroad.  Atleast right now I can deal with non-stop flights and the fact that I can easily hop on a plane out of a whim without needing my passport.

The bad thing about working somewhere that comes naturally without much effort, I would be on autodrive. Then I get stuck in my head, Thinking. Who got time for that? But I'm notorious sometimes on freaking/stressing myself out for no apparent reason.

Honestly, I should really trust the Bubs because without trust might as well say farewell. It's just it's Rio for crying out loud, have you met any Brazilians that looked bad? I don't even know what they eat over there that all of them look ridiculously good. Anyway.

Trust on the vows that they meant as much as it did the day it's said. Come what may.

For this week's Things That I Want post, I decided to post something that I actually bought already this week. I know I still have roughly a month till my niece's christening but I have to get ready for what I'll wear. There will be pictures for pete's sake. I have a few options lined up but I'm quite excited about this piece really. Of course, it will be coming from the ethereal collection of Givenchy. This one I like because it is mostly white and still preserves the actual image of the Virgin Mary. I know I could get the bau haus print or the splattered painting or even the pastel pink ones but it comes down with how much I'm spending really. Since my heart is not really set to buy any of the latter ones. If I could get away I would love to buy the darker sweaters. But this is a christening after all. I have to keep it light. The sweater retails for $885. I love the Silk detail and the simplicity of the sweater.  But I'm thinking of pairing it with black pants rather than an all white look and of course my Givenchy long shirt with the Silk chiffon bottoms.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Godfather - Abiah Hostvedt, Chris Moore, Christopher Wetmore, Dominique Hollington, Jesse Shannon, & Jonathan Marquez by Matthew Stone

I can't believe that two of my nieces are about to turn one soon! Where did the year go?! I also found out that I will have the privilege to be a godparent to them. Which is exciting for me, because they are my nieces, after all  In other news, If everything falls into place I might be able to actually fulfill something on my long term to-do list, Visit Brazil! I'm quite excited. Eventhough when I check the prices for the trip and it is around 2k right now. That's like two Givenchy sweaters!!!

Speaking of sweaters, in today's editorial post we have a story that appeared on the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of GQ Style UK. Abiah Hostvedt, Chris Moore, Christopher Wetmore, Dominique Hollington, Jesse Shannon, Jonathan Marquez and featuring Joan Smalls are photographed by Matthew Stone and styled by Matthew Josephs in pieces by no other than Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy.

I'm also including a video that is made for Barney's New York by Gordon Von Steiner featuring models Andre Bona and Miles Langford also wearing Givenchy.

I know, I know I've been posting a lot of Givenchy pieces on my blog. What can I say? My name's Lexter and I'm a Givenchy-oholic!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Best Things In Life Are Free - Riccardo Tisci by Maciek Kobielski

Or given to you as gifts. So technically they're free! I have a conundrum, I don't personally have a problem with getting gifts but I do have a problem receiving expensive gifts. Eventhough that it will come from the Bubs. I'm usually very grateful for the gesture but for some reason I feel guilty receiving it. It's probably the fact that in the past people have asked for these gifts back if they can. Which is both tacky and even make me glad that this said individual/s and I broke up. I mean who does that?

At least wait for me to throw it out the window or donate them to charity like a normal human being. Sheesh.

But as most expensive gifts, sometimes there are always strings attached to them. Figuratively and Physically sometimes.

Happy Hump Day my fashionistos and fashionistas!

In today's post we have no other than, my God,  Riccardo Tisci as he appears with an army of male models and Joan Smalls. The interview/ designer profile that appears on the 38th issue of Self Service is photographed by Maciek Kobielski. The pictorial features pieces from both Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter 2013 collections of Givenchy.

Wouldn't I love to own all those pieces! I also love and totally agree when he said that Success is when everybody buys and wears his collection, that's the review. So true.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Out Of Funk - Dutty Wruck by Ronaldo Gutierrez

Thank God it's the weekend and I finally shook off the weird funk that I was on. That made closing the weekend pretty bearable. The Bubs thought it was because I'm restricting my diet. No, I'm not starving myself but I was cutting down on the portions of what I eat. I mean come on, Summer was fast approaching. I felt like I've "gained" weight but according to this guy from last night, I looked skinny. Which was nice to hear but nothing will deter me from losing some of "my" body fat for the summer.

Got to keep competitive especially hard when somebody's dating a model.

We close the week off with a model portfolio update from the great upcoming model from Brazil. Dutty Wruck (Wellington Wruck) with his super blond hair and green eyes. Such a great combination if you ask me. Here's hoping to see more of him in the future. Photographed by Ronaldo Gutierrez. Wruck was represented by Upper Model Management.

Happy Weekend my fashionistos and fashionistas.