Friday, March 2, 2012

Soaking Wet - Diego Miguel by Marcelo Krasilcic

Yesterday was a beautiful rainy day till around noon when the Sun came out. I was actually looking forward to a rainy night in. Watch a movie on Netflix with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. But the weather gods had other plans. But hey I can't complain It was a long, stressful work day for me and Happy Hour with the bestie was fine and dandy with me.

I can't pretend I could answer every problem that life throws at me, that including long distance relationship woes but what I could promise was to do my best to deal with them with much humility as I could. I thought with last night's incident, brought up some important issues when it came to dating somebody across the country with a three hour difference or dating in general. Expectations would be the death of us all.

In today's editorial, we have Brazilian super model, Diego Miguel for GQ Brazil's latest issue. Photographed by Marcelo Krasilcic, Diego was caught in the rain and soaking wet with looks styled by Antonio Branco.

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