Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Is It The Weekend Yet? - Janice Fronimakis by Greg Swales

I know I had been M.I.A. lately but to be fair, I'm really, REALLY busy lately. I had a few social responsibilities over the weekend and work has been hectic as well. But I guess it was to expected with the recent trade shows. I was secretly relieved that I was not the one being sent to the Vegas trade shows. Alright I had to admit I wanted to go but I had not fully recovered from my trip to New York and for the lack of better way to put it, I was exhausted.

This week as scheduled would be hectic as well. The only consolation price would be that I get to see the bubs this thursday in Los Angeles. I haven't gone down to socal in a hot minute. So I'm quite excited. Eventhough the weather here in San Francisco has been super nice. It was still chilly at times. So I'm looking forward to warm weather even it would only be for the weekend.

The editorial today appeared on the sixth issue of Idol magazine and featured PMA model Janice Fronimakis. The project was shot by Greg Swales and styled by Ryan Davis. The editorial featured great pieces by one of my favorite New York designer, Marlon Gobel, also Michael Bastian, Thom Browne and Robert Cavali to name a few.

I know that this editorial was shot at Palm Springs, It makes me excited a little bit of my jet setting trip to L.A.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fashion Week Diaries: The Guy In The Mission Edition - Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013-14

It has been roughly a week since my trip to New York for the fall/winter 2013-14 Mercedes Benz fashion week and I haven't unpacked yet.  The fact that my Bottega Veneta Intrecciato duffel had been "staring" at me every time I watch TV on my lounge area was unnerving. I actually had to pull my other luggage in my closet so I didn't have to see it. Maybe sometime this week, I'll actually get a chance to unpack . . . fingers crossed.

My fashion week diary as told through Instagram.

Now looking back, I was glad that I left on Thursday night and avoided the Snow mess that was Friday. But I haven't done a red eye flight in, forever. It was interesting but the beauty of it? A night cap drink was not that weird, or was it? I slept like a baby, a drunk baby,  next thing I know, it jumped three hours forward and it was morning in New York.

First show, Project Runway. I was late and just got a glimpse of the last few collections because of the fact that I underestimated the subway system. This was the first time I was commuting from Astoria, Queens. That and I wanted to hang out with ES. I literally lost track of time, to be honest. Which was kinda unnecessary since ES insisted to show me how to ride the subway, anyway. Very sweet but I'm not that helpless. So off to the second show at the Eyebeam Art + Tech center for the General Idea show. I love the new take on the duffle coat. The coats truly were amazing. Boxy silhouettes and matched with big boxy pockets and color blocked looks rounded up the show.

Then back to Lincoln Center for the Nautica Black Sail collection. By this time, snow/rain had started to come down heavy. The collection consisted of handsome puffer jackets, some lined with fur and shearling, in various colors. The collection was very masculine and rugged enough for city living. For the first time back as a show, it was great with a great cast of models to top it off.

Since I had a break for a couple hours, I beelined to Bergdorf's to get me some Hunter wellys. I know that I would need it for the weekend. Besides I didn't want to ruin any of my shoes. I love my shoes too much. I know sometimes fashion needed some sacrifices to which I say, good luck with that. My Loubis were going to stay in their shoe bags this season. Weather Permitted.

Then off to the Armory for the Tommy Hilfiger show. Think Ivy league, but with a twist. I love, LOVE the mix of houndstooth and Prince of Wales marriage extravaganza. It was so unexpected that T.H. sampled a more British take on his collection. My favorite were the khaki coats with the houndstooth lapels and back details to die for, such a great surprise.

After a few hours of break, more I mean TONS of snow and ES taking me to an amazing crepe place in Astoria, I head back to Manhattan for the Marlon Gobel show.  Give me a military inspired collection anytime and I would love it. I love that fur trimmed (fox?) lapel jacket! Great texture and tailoring as expected to one of my favorite NY based designers. And hey! The models matched my boots! :o)

On the way home, we saw this great street art. on the N train.

The problem with still on westcoast time, I was tired but I was three hours behind. So I was up working till a few hours before my first show for my second day at NYFW. The beauty of it was just being next to ES. I know, (gag) on the sweet stuff.

Day 2, First show, Lacoste.  I love the vision that Baptista was bringing to the brand. Eventhough that it still had the lightness that came with Lacoste, it now has an edge that was very evident. I loved that some of the more unusual colors like orange or jewel green looked mighty covetable.

Segway, Brunch at Whym. It was Saturday, duh.

Next stop, Robert Geller. The show showcased great pieces of layering with a boho chic feel to them and while the collection referenced a period it was not dated. Styling was on point. Another great collection from Geller. I always love the play with the hats they just looked so great season after season.

Presentation wise, The Moncler Grenoble topped my list. It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen, yet. The presentation mimicked a forest, a human forest. It was breathtaking. Especially with the mirrored ceiling. I. DIE!

Day 3 began with The Details collections: Accessories show. Great accessories by In God We Trust, Billy Kirk, MianSai, and Logan Zane among others.

Ovadia & Sons for J.Press was Prep-ection! Great presentation. There were great pieces in this collection that I thought eventhough brightly colored and more prep than my taste. It was handsome. Very collegiate that meant if you went to an Ivy school and had name like Blaine, or Stacy.

Patrik Ervell's collection was a great combination of knitted pieces and pieces with a slight sheen to them. I love those black caps with the ridges. Texture definitely played a big role that made the collection both interesting and successful. Did I mention about the foil runway? nice touch.

Going up a few floors at the Milk Studios to see the Public School presentation which as a collection was reminiscent to the previous ones. But I still love it. That one shearling lined leather jacket with the high neck? J'adore! I love the white soled shoes it gave the looks that extra je nes sais qua.

Next stop, another dark collection by Rochambeau. Which showcased a great hooded collection paired with great necklaces. Wait? Did the models just had a bottle of bubbly each? I just loved how the brand just kept getting better with their play on shapes and silhouettes on their pieces.

The last two collections I saw were the En Noir with its great, pretty much, all black collection and the super colorful by comparison, Lucio Castro collection that featured the color blocking and very luminous collection.

For dinner, ES and I went to celebrate our Valentines at DiWine restaurant which had a great Embeyonce or how ever you spell it (I know how to spell ambiance. It's an internet meme). I lived for those light fixtures.

I was presented with this Vday gift, Alexander McQueen ring, which was unfortunately way too small. Sad face.

Since it was my last night in NYC, it was time to let my hair down party. We close the night by attending the Dsquared2 + Interview magazine premiere party at the Copacabana for the duo's video called Behind The Mirror. 

There was Dean and Dan as they appeared in drag and somebody waiting patiently as I chat it up with another guest about drag with all subjects.

THAT was one giant bottle of Dsquared2 Moet bottle.
I didn't get any sleep that night before I flew out at 6:30 am on the 11th. I was super tired but I had so much fun meeting new people including a few top models, bloggers from all over the world and Dean & Dan of course. It was the perfect way to end my New York Fashion Week trip. Till September, NYC.

Friday, February 15, 2013

That's Why I Love You - Garrett Neff by Joel Rhodin

Well for those who didn't celebrate the dreaded holiday yesterday, congratulations you lived to tell your story. And for the rest of us who somewhat did, yay for us too. I'm somewhat in the middle since ES was not here to celebrate the made-up holiday. Good thing we got to celebrate it over the weekend while I was in New York. Too bad the McQueen ring that I got was little too small.

Since, I didn't have a romantic date last night, I went with some of my friends and partook on the yearly pillow fight by the Ferry Building at the Embarcadero. That was fun and half.

But in all honesty, I'm just glad today's Friday.

In today's post we have top male model, Garrett Neff as photographed by Joel Rhodin for this Denim story entitled, The Midnight Cowboy. Linda Lindqwister styled the project.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Soundly Awake - Roman Larichev, Chris Colton, Abiah Hostvedt, Talor Cowan, Sung Jin Park, Fran Van Der Geest, Florian Neuville, Jacob Riley & Corey Baptiste by Chirstian Ferretti

I have this dilema, It has happened to me every time I come back from every trip from NYC. I can't fall asleep no matter how tired I am. I tried everything from Meditating, turning off every distractions, listening to music, watching a crappy movie to drinking warm milk. I guess I can alway drink a couple or more glasses of wine but I don't want to be drunk.  Not good, AT ALL. I know what's keeping me awake, I do miss ES and all that sentimental bull. Well it has only been a day so I'm hoping ones I got myself back on the daily grind. It will come, I hope. 

My recent New York trip had been fun. With the blizzard or not. But I really wish that I could have stayed longer this time. Eventhough that the majority of the menswear shows happened over the weekend it would have been nicer if I had extra time to spend with ES. Maybe next time . . . .

I will be writing a Fashion Week Diaries over the weekend, so stay tuned for that.

With that, Happy Hump Day my fashionistos and fashionistas.

In today's post we have an editorial that appeared on the magazine that co-hosted the after party I went to on Sunday with the Dsquared2 duo, Interview magazine. Christian Ferretti photographed the bus load of male models namely Roman Larichev, Chirs Colton, Abiah Hostvedt, Taylor Cowan, Sung Jin Park, Frank Van Der Geest, Florian Neuville, Jacob Riley, and Corey Baptiste for this headphones shoot. Andreas Kokkino styled the boys with pieces by John Galliano, Louis Vuitton, Mark McNairy, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Kenzo to name a handful. 

If you're like me, which I know I'm not alone. We coordinate our iPhone5 cases and headphones with our outfits. I mean I consider them as accessories, really. Honestly with the new headphones, they should really be considered as statement pieces.