Saturday, March 24, 2012

GLAD-iator - Baptiste Giabiconi by Karl Lagerfeld

There are a lot of things to be glad for today. First, the week from Hell is over. Second, my shoulder feels so much better. Third, I made E.S. tick-tock to Ke$ha's song (that made my night, very funny!). Fourth, the rain forecast is wrong so far. Fifth, The Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit is finally open to the public, sixth, I won an amazing fedora from Goorin Bros. and seventh, It's the weekend!

I had made plans to catch up with some friends for brunch over the weekend the last minute and possibly show up to a styling event in downtown tonight. I'm living on the edge this weekend since I thought I would be out of commission because of the shoulder. But so far, resting and hydration helps. So the sky is the limit for this weekend. Who knows where I'll end up.

We close the week with an editorial that appears on the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Numero Homme. Karl Lagerfeld photographs his muse Baptiste Giabiconi clad in gladiator-esque armor. The styling includes mixed pieces by Versace, Louis Vuitton, Jeremy Scott and Vivienne Westwood to name a few. I think Baptiste is probably one of the models out there that always looks different in every photo shoot. Such a chama-chama-chameleon.

Happy Weekend everybody! See you for another runway review on Monday.

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