Monday, October 25, 2010

Into The Baths - Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 2011

The Gaultier man spring/summer 2011 has good base of everything a man needs to look good for the season. The collection had a bit of middle eastern inspiration. I like the use of leather and sheer pieces. the hand bag that looked like multiple handbags in one is quite nice. The use of 3D glasses in the collection makes me wonder if those clothes look better with them on. The open toe hi tops are quite interesting but again I dont think American boys are not quite ready for those . . . yet.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fashionably Lost - Stranded, Jamie Kendrick by Justin Wu for Fiasco

For this pictorial that appeared on the current issue of Fiasco Magazine entitled Stranded, Justin Wu photographed Jamie Kendrick stuck somewhere with nothing . . . nothing but the best pieces from Lanvin, Pringle of Scotland and of course with that sweater with the epaulettes that I adore from the Burberry Prorsum F/W 2010-11 collection. Yeah nothing.

Friday, October 22, 2010

What's In The Bag? - Bloggers' Project

So a few days ago, a fellow blogger suggested that everybody should post a "what's in your bag" post and thought it was a great idea. I do carry a bag most of the time, since I carry my mac everywhere (hint, is in dire need of an ipad). I do have a few murses but I think i still hold back to a more traditional men's satchel-esque bags than going overboard and actually donning a more purse looking bag, which there's nothing wrong just not my style. Only regret after taking the photos and putting everything away, I found one item that i forgot to take out from one of the pockets (one of the more pricey things that I carry around too) but oh well,

What's in the bag:

Bag: Energie Gold label                    
Coin purse: D&G                               
Wallet: Louis Vuitton                          
My temporary personal cards held by a vintage money clip            
My tiny notebook                               
Glasses: Anglo American                   
Heartbeats by Gaga in black
Caramel apple lollipop
Sunglasses: Armani Exchange
Phone: Iphone 4
Nivea lipcare stick
Keys; Keychain: Tumi
Not pictured: Canon Powershot Camera, and my Montblanc pen :/

and that's what's in my bag, most of the time. Happy Friday Everyone.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trend Thursdays: Toggle and Pull

Gucci F/W 2010-11

You've seen it before, toggle coats (aka duffle coats)! A great way to get warm without being bulky. I think for most people we do love that fashion is still moving forward and always pushing the envelope but for the pret-a-porter side of fashion, it is always good to know that some pieces are timeless and will always be acceptable to wear in the future. I believe toggle coats is one of them. I also like that the variety is there. You can have a very rugged, workingmen's version or the more luxe, more refined version that comes with a price of course. No matter which one you pick, a toggle coat is versatile and can pretty much go with any outfit you have on.  Not only is it versatile, it also comes in a number of colors, prints and fabrics of course. Do I suggest that you go crazy with the color choice? No. I think sticking to the neutral colors for the fall/ winter season is the way to go.

Here are some of my suggestions:

Where to get them:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sir Yes, Sir! - Clint Mauro by Chiun-Kai Shih for GQ Taiwan

You remember him from the Armani Exchange underwear campaign. In this editorial for GQ Taiwan titled, Urban Military, Clint Mauro photographed by Chiun-Kai Shih featured pieces that resembling a seafaring captain of a ship. I do love my Military inspired pieces and it's awesome that it is always in style.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Where Are The Light sabers? - Dior Homme S/S 2011

Okay, I love Kris Van Assche and this collection was good but I was literally waiting for these models to walk out with light sabers, seriously. The collection featured a very monochrome, bellowy, but very strong pieces. The ultra low V, sleeveless shirts gave a very alluring feel to the collection. And of course the drop crotch pants trend was also adapted to the looks. I know I am sorta making fun of it for the whole Star Wars feel to the collection but I do love the movement of the draped pieces. I remember people had a lot of qualms when Kris took over for Hedi Slimane but Monsieur Van Assche is doing just fine.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

JS gave me wings - Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals fall/winter 2010

Jeremy Scott

I know I have been featuring high fashion ever since I started blogging, which I love but at the same time I am a sneaker head as well. One of the good things about Kanye West (pre-being an asshole) is that, in recent history, he managed to bridge the gap of high fashion and urban street wear fashion. Which is awesome. Somebody recently asked me if I dress dapper all the time, the answer? Dapper, no Urban defo yes. Atleast I try to but I like being comfortable too. I love limited edition sneakers, of course the more rare the BETTER! Its been more than ever that high fashion houses had been doing some collaboration with sneaker companies to come out with really interesting shoes. Exhibit one, Jeremy Scott's colab with Adidas. Remaining true to his aesthetics, even though that the color scheme was clearly more subdued this season, it is unmistakably loud. The wings are not a new addition which already comes in gold, white, black and the multi-hue but for the fall/winter line up, the glow in the darks and reflectives are added and of course the clear one (which looks great on the shelf and should remain there). The remixed JS wings where the wings are not detachable but part of the shoe ala Mercury's ankle/sandals that comes in marble also makes an appearance. The 3 tongues are also coming back as well. So, Am I gonna rock out these outfits, probably not but I am in love with the gray reflective.

LOVE THIS . . . 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shades of Gray - Jacob Coupe by Serge Leblon

Jacob Coupe, photographed by Serge Leblon wearing some of the best grays from the top names for their fall/winter collection. Besides the great styling. I love how everything looks hard and cold that reminds me of mid-century europe.