Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Lil' Touch Of Romance - Elia Cometti by Ivan Muselli

My Monday didn't really sucked but it was bizarre. Mellow, even. I'm so used to a very hectic beginning of the week schedule that once I got everything done I was a little bewildered to find myself literally nothing to do. So what better way to spend a little down time? Shopping, I mean err research. I just love how shopping was synonymous to my work . . . well one of them.  A co-worker last Friday had told me that dating somebody was good for everybody. So, she was saying that I'm good at what I do and do everything efficiently because I'm dating somebody. I beg to differ, No offense to my New York, but I refuse to believe that my performance was a result of my relationship status. No matter how happy I am with New York. But hey a little touch of romance didn't really hurt anybody either.

In today's editorial story that appeared on Book Uomo with the title, Allegropoli. Elia Cometti posed for Ivan Muselli while Giuseppe Magistro styled the Italian model with pieces by Prada, Versace, Z Zegna and Robert Cavalli just to name a few.

I always liked this kind of effect on black and white pictures. A little cheesy but when done right it does command your attention.

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