Monday, April 30, 2012

Runway Monday: Mad With Precision - Prada Fall/Winter 2012-13 Review

This weekend seemed exceptionally short. On the other hand, It was fun . . . a lot of fun. Wine and a dashingly beautiful, cooky company will ALWAYS be fun. Did somebody say impromptu photo shoot?  I dropped off E.S. at the airport yesterday morning, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that we said goodbye for a good half an hour by the gates. Not much water works though but I was definitely sad to say goodbye. I know I'm going to see E.S. on Skype but like I said it's not the same.

As I was going through my calendar for next month, it looked like it's shaping up to be another busy month at work and social calls. I'll be travelling to two cities that I've never been, Dalas and Seattle for work. Fashion shows on the weekends and my SoCal trip hanging by a thread. Not to mention parties and social events that I haven't RSVP'd yet. I'm allocating some time this week to go through them. All of them.

Deep Breaths, It's just Monday.

In this week's runway review, I present one of the best shows from Milan last January, Prada. Forget about the borderline unwearable tongue-in-cheek golf wear.  It was time to get serious, Militaristic Serious. The collection as you've guessed it had the military severity to the silhouettes and to me was almost sinister. The color story sticked with a more dark and foreboding hues of crimsons, plums, browns and blacks. The slim tailoring of the pieces I absolutely adored.  One of my favorite pieces were the shirts with the slim waist detail partnered with a light turtleneck was just great. You know when people say, his suit looked so sharp that if you fall you loose your leg or something? This was the collection they were talking about.  I thought the precision of the tailoring in this season's collection really took center stage and not some cooky accessory or print.

Speaking of accessories, I found the shoes with the plastic lining pretty interesting but reminded me of Romain Kremer's collection for Camper that I own while the ones with seals were a bit strange. The circular John Lenon-esque glasses reminded me of a mad scientist and thought that people with narrow faces would be the only ones who would look good wearing them.

Overall it was a very strong collection that really left an impression on me days after I saw the show. Eventhough that the whole collection was serious I couldn't help to find the cooky apliques on the shoes and the fun pins on the coats quite refreshing. Not to mention having a great line up of actors closing the show was definitely a nice surprise.

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