Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Would Run To You - Tomek Borowka by Lukas Sowada

Yesterday was one of those "Mondays" especially after getting a video text around noon (my time) from E.S. enjoying the pushing 85 degree weather in New York. I knew I had to work till 6pm and the day turning up nicely didn't really help my mood. Then sometime around the afternoon, I received a notification on my phone about E.S. posting something on my Facebook timeline. I thought it was the cutest thing, well I didn't loudly awwed with delight as my table mate at work but it did made my day a lot bearable. It was an advert for the new Nike Free shoes. It shows a couple in a long distance relationship and how they both would run just to see each other. The link would have been enough but it was followed by another video text with E.S. jogging singing, mimicking the couple, which ended up bumping to an old lady. I could hear the lady's very fragrant words in the background and telling E.S. to get off the phone.  It was the little things that truly counts.

Is it me or long distance relationships were way more common that I thought they were. I must say that ad was very effective because of the situation I'm in and I'm buying a pair as I wrote this post.

In today's photo series, we have Tomek Borowka as photographed by Lukas Sowada in the woods. The photo series was entitled Don't Leave Me Behind. I haven't posted a gorgeous photo series without fashion in a while. Enjoy.

BTW, I linked the advert at the end of this post.

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