Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's Not Like The Movies - Jean Paul Gaultier at The deYoung Museum

What a weekend. It was fun but never long enough like always. I have to apologize for not posting something yesterday. The weekend kicked my butt and by the time I had gone home on Sunday. I had to deal with something of the matter of E.S..

The most challenging thing about a long distance relationship or any other relationship I suppose would be trust. Without it, whatever you might think you have with that other person will crumble like a sand castle with the coming tide. Insecurity will always be an ugly trait but it is only human to have insecurities. So, jealousy would be an uglier one. As an individual, one should always know their self worth and wether you were being devalued by another. Somebody once told me that the best looking people were sometimes the most insecure . . . or something like that. On the flip side, if one is jealous that means that they do care, right?

At the end of the day, we really can't control everybody around us. if one is out with friends and somebody shows interest. Flirt but remember who's coming home with you or not coming home with you.

I know too deep and it's just Tuesday.  I did say it was an eventful weekend.

Last Friday, I went to the first Friday Nights of the year at the deYoung museum. It is when the museum opens till around nine pm and have some form of installation or a performance in support of what's the main exhibit. This time its Jean Paul Gaultier. It was nice to see some of the most iconic pieces up close. From costumes worn in movies, Madonna on tour to coveted pieces from collections from the 70's to the recent years. As an accessory fanatic, I had to say that some of the pieces were oh-so amazing.

If you find yourself in the city, I would suggest to check out the exhibit but experience it on Friday nights.

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