Thursday, April 5, 2012

Things That I Want: Gone Golfing - Prada Derby Shoes Spring/Summer 2012

Prada S/S 2012
Okay, no not really. Eventhough it is suggested in High School at the Academy that the gentleman of Sacred Heart Academy should learn to play Golf among other sports like Tennis or Fencing. So I went to learn how to play Hockey.


I think my fellow Leos would attest to this, that sometimes . . . okay, most of the time we love being on the spotlight. I mean, to be honest who doesn't like attention? We all yearn to be loved or liked. It's flattering. If somebody shows interest and you're not even trying, that's great. But if you're in a relationship? Not so much. But after careful consideration, I may not see E.S. often but an attention from another person does not really hold a candle to it. As hard as this, long distance relationship thing is, I'm still on board.

So for today's Things That I Want post, we go back with golf . . . shoes. The Prada Spring/Summer 2012 showcased a golf wear inspired collection. Everybody saw those showes Eventhough the multi-colored Prada saddle shoes look great I find it hard to incorporate in my wardrobe. Of course, I've seen looks from countless editorials and people had worn them in New York  back in February and looked great . I would pass on it. Instead I'm opting for the derby shoes that has the same rubber sole from the S/S 2011 and F/W 2011-12 detail but much cheaper. The saddle retails for $650 and the derby for 580. the derby comes in the red variant but it appear to look too casual almost like trainers with he bright red detail.

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