Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things That I Want: Short(s) And Sweet - D&G

D&G S/S 2012
I am aware that I have a strange affinity with shorts. I'm also aware that I tend to wear shorts at the first sign of the temperature breaking 70. Wind in consideration or not. As a San Franciscan though, I always bring a light jacket, no matter what. If you live in the city or had gone on vacation here, Summertime in SF is generally cooler than say around September when it starts to really heat up.

But around mid May, my friends and I are heading down to the land of eternal sunshine, Southern California for a few days of frolicking in the sun and enjoying the heat. IF I'm not going with my team to a business trip. This suspense is killing me!

In a good note this will mark the beginning of my traveling season both for work and personal. As much as I love spontaneous traveling which I did last year, I think I'm going for planned ones this year. I'm not single anymore . . .wait, I was not single last year anyways . . . .

Speaking of dating, not that I'm counting or anything but it is exactly 2 weeks from now that E.S. comes to visit. 

In this week's Things That I Want post, These are the two shorts that I really love from the last collection of the sophomore brand, D&G. This summer, the cargos are coming back but with a more body conscious fit. Gone are those days of baggy pants, Thank the fashion Gods. These D&G shorts features a denim belt loop detail and interesting closure that I really liked. Another pair that I also liked is the foulard print shorts. I think this are just great summer shorts eventhough it sort of reminds me of my grandma's Hermes scarf. Which is a good thing come to think of it. It also features the same denim belt loop detail that we see from the runway show.  The cargo retails for $495 and the printed shorts for $800. 

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