Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Farfetched - Alex Cunha by Daniel Jaems

I knew that I can not extinguish fire with fire and that I can not resolve a shouting match by shouting louder. I also knew how. . . interesting dealing with different people is, I do it everyday. But that doesn't really warrant an individual to be condescending if it wasn't provoked. My Monday was pretty busy and when I showed up at the local FedEx store to pick up a package in the afternoon, I received the most attitude that I could handle from the person behind the counter. In any other day I could have shrugged it off and move on but I calmly retorted a sentence worth of tongue lashing (without raising my voice) and when I was done, the person just had the deer on headlight  on his face and fetched my package. When he came back, he apologized and tried to explain that he was overwhelmed . . . yadi yadi yada. I just shrugged and left the store. I'm by no means proud of what I said to him but I think some people need it so that they'll snap back to reality and realize that they can't do that to people without consequences sometimes. We are all adults here, we should all be held accountable for all our actions. That's not rocket science.

In today's editorial, we have Alex Cunha as photographed by Daniel Jaems for the Co:lab website. Cunha  was styled by Julian Gregory in pieces by Lanvin, Wooyoungmi, and E. Tautz to name a few. The editorial was titled, Cave Man.

If Cave men look like and wear things like Alex Cunha? I wont mind being one.

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