Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jealousy - Danny Schwarz & Tobias Sorensen by John Balsom

It's exactly 3 in the morning right now and eventhough I already picked the editorial/ campaign for today's post, I still have to write my reflection of sorts. Last night or a few hours ago depends how you look at it  I went to dinner with a friend, the food was great but you know that feeling when when you guys never really stayed in contact it was probably for a reason. I also went out with a group of my friends, and we were dancing and somehow I managed to make one part of a couple jealous . . . momentarily. Which one, I really had no intention of doing eventhough I've been accused of being a big flirt before and two I envy that. Having E.S. across the country and from the occasion of visiting each other, that probability of that ever happening to us, non-existent. I know it's not really something to look forward to and it by no means never happened yet. We talk about our day and then the questioning happens and not sort of at that moment, as it happens, kind of thing. The situation was okay by the time we parted ways but it did left an impression on me and I ask myself what am I really doing? and why am I doing it?

To close of the week, I chose to post the Louis Vuitton Cup collection. Okay partly because it was shot in San Francisco. Danny Schwarz and Tobias Sorensen were featured at the campaign that was shot by John Balsom. Great ready to wear pieces with such a beautiful backdrop. Biased? Hell yeah!

Happy weekend! I hope Friday the 13th was not that jarring for anybody.

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