Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things That I Want: Watch What I Can Do - Biegert & Funk's Qlocktwo

Seven days. No, Samara didn't just call because you watched some independent movie on VHS, remember those? No? Me, neither. E.S. visits SF in a week. We're planning to check out the wine country for a day or two for some R&R, for both of us. I've been looking forward for this visit and for the fact that we have a limited time together and I want to do so much, it is imposible to do everything. E.S. keeps on insisting that to hang out and do nothing is quite fine. I just don't know what will my Mother say for my poor attempt as a host. But knowing both of us, we'll just end up just staying at my place for the remainder of E.S.'s visit which is exactly five days. I know it will be crazy fun, no matter what we end up doing . . . or not doing.

Before I forget, congratulations on the release of your new campaign, Babe. Photoshop did you good. Just Kidding. Sort of.

In this week's Things That I Want post, I bring to you Biegert and Funk's Qlocktwo wristwatch. I've seen the wall clocks before and the iPhone app but I'm quite excited with the release of the wristwatch. If you're not familiar with the Qlocktwo, it features written words as time in a series of a matrix of letters. Such a great and innovative piece. The German company will produce the wristwatch this coming fall. I know the wall clock retails for $1,100 and the table clock for $599. So I'm guessing the watch will be around that price and not cheaper. The variants come in rubber and leather straps and black or stainless steel frame. As much as I'm funned of automatic watches, this one is surely an attention getter.

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