Friday, April 20, 2012

Love On Top - Robert Monteiro, Allen Taylor, Sasha M'Baye, Paolo Gallardo, Omari Dixon, Jake Shortall, Claude Simonon & John Todd by Jamie Morgan

Yesterday while walking in downtown to do some errands . . . err okay shopping and meet a friend for a late lunch, I caught myself almost dancing on the street. Remember those scenes in movies where everybody just bust out dancing? It almost felt like that. Well, good mood does lighten one's steps. Love On Top by Beyonce was playing and I was almost two stepping ala the video if I didn't catch myself. It was just pure synchrony that song was playing and being just in a great mood lately. A few minor setbacks but overall a very productive and upbeat week. High in life and love as everything fell on place.

In today's editorial that appeared on the Arena Homme Plus' Spring/Summer 2012 issue. The band of models were shot by Jamie Morgan and styled by Barry Kamen in pieces and great accessories by Givenchy, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Versace to name a few. 

I just loved the accessories in this editorial. The metal neck piece by Judy Blame with the Salvatore Ferragamo knit was just amazing. I wanted the metal horn earpieces by Givenchy as well.

I have a fairly busy schedule today from finishing up work to my bestfriend's birthday dinner at the Mission Bowling Club a few blocks from my house, followed by drinks. Hopefully, we're not bowling because I'm no good at it.  

Happy Friday, my fashionistos and fashionistas!  

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