Saturday, April 28, 2012

At least, Out Loud I Wont Say I'm In . . . - Adam Senn by Matteo Montanari

I'm happy that E.S. is in town, I mean really happy, but I'm sad because I know that some point this weekend, E.S. is flying back to New York. And that sometime is tomorrow. We both have our own lives going on right now and it happens to be living on separate shores. We have gone here and there but is it really wrong that all I want to do is stay under the covers and stare at each other or something more romantic? Take-in every inch of E.S.'s face, every subtle imperfection that makes it well perfect to me.

I think that the time that we're apart seems like years and the time we're together seems like seconds. Faith is never fair but justified.

This is not the editorial that I was going to post but I promised somebody  (ahem E.S.) last night, not to post the newest editorial that E.S. booked in here since I'm already sharing TMI's about us to the world. But like I said it will only take a few smart people to put two and two together, really. But I digress, what E.S. wishes, E.S. will get.

So instead of E.S.'s editorial, I give you equally stunning and sweaty (?!?) Adam Senn as he appears on the newest issue of GQ Spain donning, as you guessed it, great pieces from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection of Dolce & Gabbana. Matteo Montanari photographs the top model as Miguel Arnau styles him.  

Happy Weekend my fashionistos and fashionistas!

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