Monday, April 16, 2012

Runway Monday: You, Strapping Man, You - Loden Dager Fall/Winter 2012-13 Review

Yesterday while I was on a Skype session with E.S., the subject of regrets came up. Of course what E.S. really meant was if I regretted ever dating someone. In all honesty, no. I always saw every relationship I ever had as a growing process. Maybe some dragged longer that it should have and I see that now but no regrets. E.S. shared an experience where both of them knew it was over but stayed together for a bit. I've been there, I guess it was just human nature to succumb to comfort of the known.

I would like to think that everybody had been in this situation. We all secretly hope that this one would be "the one" for us, finally. Not that I'm saying . . . Nevermind, mouth; insert foot.

In today's runway review, I present to you Paul Marlow's Loden Dager. Season after season, I always found the use of color and prints in a Loden Dager collection refreshing. The quirky details (almost David Bowie inspired) never failed to make me "aww" rather than "ugh" which was saying much.  The color theme for the Fall/Winter collection, eventhough a bit muted had great pops of color here there. The collection appeared young but didn't sacrifice great tailoring at all. The oversized proportion on the lapels on the orange/red jacket was fun but not ridiculous. The layering, color, and print combination were both crazy and masterful, at the same time. That look with the blue blazer, red pants and the mustard turtle neck? It was crazy but somehow it worked. How about  those strapped pants? At first I didn't not care for them especially knowing the brand with their great fitting chinos. They for some reason reminded me of goth pants or hipster bikers' pants. Both I do not care to own but for there was definitely something about these Loden Dager pairs.  The piece that I absolutely love was the double breasted suit with the asymmetrical buttons. The collection exemplifies a wardrobe perfect for a young professional who has not given up wearing his trainers in a regular basis. 

Eventhough this collection left me wanting a little bit more since I just adored the Spring/Summer 2012 so much, I loved it. So strap yourself and enjoy the show.

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