Thursday, April 26, 2012

Things That I Want : Cargo Hold - Michael Bastian

Last night was probably one of the most synchronized movie watching that E.S. and I had in . . . ever. I know #LongDistanceRelationshipProblems. We saw the film Melancholia and I really liked it. I've wanted to see that movie when I heard about it when it came out but it slipped out of my mind. I wont ruin it to my fashionistos and fashionistas that are planning to see it. But I was absolutely enamored by the opening sequence. The imagery were both haunting and beautiful. Truly a film not to be missed.

Michael Bastian S/S 12
Speaking of E.S., the day has come to be reunited!!! I have a short day at work then off to pick E.S. at the airport, dinner then a looong overdue hang-out session. That means either we go out and paint the town or stay in  . . . and stay in. Imagine it. I'm actually just excited to see E.S. again, eventhough we talk on Skype almost everyday, there's a difference seeing the person right in front of you.

Unless they develop that hologram thing that they did with Tupac which still kinda creeps me out.

In today's Things That I Want post, I'm bringing you the revival of the new breed of cargo pants. No they're not the ones that you probably wore back in the 90's or also called the pants that you should have never worn in public. Like any trend these days, they are more slim fit and tailored. They also come in different colors. So don't be afraid to embrace Spring/Summer seasons with color. Now that they are tailored, you can either dress them down or dress them up and people wont necessary would want to smack you on the back of your head and ask you what were you thinking wearing those pants. I'm not speaking from experience there BTW.

I'm taking cues from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection of Michael Bastian. I really liked the cargo pants that were featured in this collection. The pants retail for $545 at Barney's.

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