Thursday, December 22, 2011

Things That I Want: Red Over Heels

Romain Kremer
Most people read up their current events in the morning over coffee. I don't have the time for a nice sit down breakfast in the morning. So, I usually do it on my lunch break. News over some sushi? why not. So, yesterday, I stumbled upon the Kardashian's Christmas card for this season (Yes, celeb scoop IS current events). I must say, eventhough, I haven't seen an episode of the their reality show as of late, I love how they all look in the picture, definitely high fashion (check out the Loubis galore!!!).

And on my recent visit home, my Mom had brought up the fact that when my sister gives birth to her daughter next year, A family portrait will be scheduled. If I get control of that shoot, my family portrait will be less preppy and more high fashion for a change. 

For today's Things That I Want post, if you've been reading my last couple of posts from this week, you already know what I want! Those Romain Kremer for Camper red heeled oxfords. The colab shoes with Camper were featured at the french designer's fall/winter 2010-11 collection. The one half of duo designer for Buckler is known for his futuristic and avante garde looks and I absolutely love his take on the classic oxfords. The shoes retail for $205 but are currently on sale for $175. I'm picking them up tomorrow.

It is my last work day for the week before my Christmas break. 


And if you are wondering what the Kardashian Christmas card looked like, here you go!

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