Monday, December 19, 2011

Runway Monday: Safari - Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 Review

Traveling in style is the focal point of an LV man collection and with a new head designer, Kim Jones; he  successfully gave the brand a slight tweaking (The new LV logo? LoVe!) without losing the essence of what makes Vuitton, well, Vuitton collection. Imagine the signature damier print but re-invented in that bright red and electric blue combination, stunning! It also gave the brand a more edgy and younger feel to it without losing its luxe appeal. I think to say that the bags are beautiful is an understatement. That alligator skin, varsity jacket? I absolutely adore. The massive scarfs paired with the khakis gave the looks a great pop of color and are probably the looks that I adore most. How about those slippers/sandals "things," Interesting look. Eventhough most of the looks are reminiscent of safari, the collection featured a well balanced pieces of beautiful tailoring and great sportswear. Overall, I think with the careful guidance of Marc Jacobs, Kim Jones' first collection for Louis Vuitton is quite a success. Bravo!

Eventhough today is Monday, I will have exactly four-day-work-week before my Christmas break starts. Although it is a short work week, it will be a busy one. Oh deadlines, how I love to hate you. I also have yet to wrap most of the gifts I bought so far and the rest tied with a bow.

Happy Monday my fashionistos and fashionistas!

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