Friday, December 23, 2011

Knit And Knot - Anthony Greenfield, Fabio Mancini & Zeb Ringle by Vincent Dilio

Sometimes people frustrates me. Maybe they're not performing at my level or I expect too much from people. I don't really know which is which yet but I'm not going to think about the shortcomings of the people around me today. It is two days before Christmas! I refuse to be in a knot or a rut when others especially "upgrades" do show interest. Nothing a little communication will fix, really and that means for the good or the bad. No matter how important somebody thinks they are in my life, I, me, moi will always comes first. ALWAYS.

Well in this editorial for the latest issue of Instinct Magazine, Zeb Ringle, Fabio Mancini and Anthony Greenfield wears knitted pieces from the collection of Louis Vuitton, John Varvatos, and Burberry London.  Photography by Vincent Dilio and styling by Eric Launder for Simply Sweaters.

To be honest though, I can't wait for people to stop wearing those Jacquard patterned sweaters. They're just atrocious unless you specifically wear them for your ugly sweater party.

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