Thursday, December 29, 2011

Things That I Want: Mission: Impossible - Arthur Sales & Mario Loncarski by Alfredo Albanesi

I am still under the weather, but I chose to go with a friend to see Mission: Impossible last night. It was the right decision. I had always been a fan of the Mission: Impossible franchise and this one was not a let down at all. I also love that it ended in San Francisco! I was supposed to see this move Monday night with the bestie and some friends but I was delirious with fever. I'm glad I saw it, and if you haven't seen it,  you should take the time to see it! it was very much entertaining . . . or was it good because my friend insisted of mixing our Coke zero with some left over rum from Christmas. I'm not gonna spoil the movie for my fashionistos and fashionistas who haven't got the chance to see it, but go see it! So, I'm posting this event as the last "Things I Want" of the year.

In a similar titled editorial that was featured on Geil magazine, Arthur Sales and Mario Loncarski took on a mission that is quite impossible. The shoot was styled and shot by the amazing Alfredo Albanesi with pieces by Rick Owens, Romain Kremer for Mykita (I must say I'm loving R.K.'s colab pieces), and Ann Demeulmeester. Hmm the whole, neoprene/wool movement is really taking off. Who knew.

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