Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Places and Events - Jesse Shannon by Jacob Sadrak

Last night, since I was feeling a little bit under the weather, I decided to cancel all my evening plans and stay in. I had to keep priority meaning to be healthy for New Years Eve. Eventhough I have yet to make plans. Either to stay in the west coast or jet set to New York to see a friend. Decisions, decisions. In my boredom, I actually tagged every possible picture I can tag on Facebook so it will show up on my timeline's map. It was surreal, it brought back great memories. Now, I'm tempted to upload EVERY picture I have so I can tag 'em. Or ask an assistant to do it for me.

I had a great Christmas weekend with non-stop eating and great fun with friends. Hopefully, everybody had a great time with their celebrations. Now to hustle at the gym so I can look great welcoming 2012!

In this great editorial with beautiful outfits and architecture, Jesse Shannon appeared on the latest issue of H magazine. Styled by Ayano Ishihara with pieces by Antonio, Azzuolo, Siki Im and Riviera Club as captured by Jacob Sadrak.

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