Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Child's Play - Francis Piennar by Mckenzie James

During a conversation with a friend last night, the whole me planning my outfit for my friend's Christmas Dinner came up. Well the fact that I wouldn't shut up about the Kremer for Camper shoe that I've been hunting was probably the cause, whoopsie! He asked me why bother to dress up if it was just among friends and by the way this was coming from a model with New York and International work experience, mind you. My answer? I don't really know I told him that I feel like everyday I wake up was always a chance to dress up and honestly, I was not really getting worked up about what I would wear but more on the fact that I have to always get what I want, when I want. The latter idea he understood, perfectly.

Photographer Mckenzie James lensed this editorial for the fourth issue of Pulp magazine. With a little help from Jessica Gordon's playful props, Francis Piennar showed a sense of naiveté for this shoot. Stylist, Elaine Jyll Regio had put together a good number of pieces from Givenchy, Buckler, Hugo Boss and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

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