Monday, December 12, 2011

Runway Monday: La Vie Boheme! - Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2012 Review

To tell you the truth, this collection sort of felt more like a fall collection from the color, the texture and how the looks were layered than a summer collection. The color story ranged from pumpkin oranges to warm blues, with a touch of earthy and neutral tans and browns. There were a lot of appliqu├ęd pieces that were reminiscent to a more tribal/ethnic vibe that was popular in the 70's. The bags were nice and the woven portfolios were probably my favorite versus the oversize leather and canvas bags. For some reason I love how the raffia hats looked with the rest of the wardrobe. The shoes were a different story, as of now, I don't really like them but ask me again in a few months, I might change my mind. The outerwear I love because most of them have the high collar that I always love. Bailey, I thought, revolutionize Burberry Prorsum from what we come to expect and brought something that was both rich and unexpectedly craft-y . . . in a good way for next season's collection.

Over the weekend, I went to attend my second cousin's first birthday party held at a restaurant in the eastbay/southbay (BTW is that what you call your cousin's daughter?) and I had a conversation with my sister and parents about being late-late and fashionably late. I had always planned in the past to show up thirty minutes to an hour later than the beginning of a party or an event and considered it as fashionably late. My reasoning that I don't like to be the first ones there nor do I want to be rude to the host and show up super late. We showed up two hours late but then again my father's side of the family (Filipino part) had been known to run on what they call "Filipino Time."

When do you show up to an event or party? Do you believe in being fashionably late, on time, or the party-will-start-when-I-get-there . . . eventually?

At any rate, Happy Monday my fashionistos and fashionistas. Another work week is upon us!