Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Wanderers, The Haters & The Pseudo-Perfectionists - Dmitriy Tanner by Matthew Lyn

I know there was a saying, that you could never please everybody or the fact that some people would always bring you down. Doubters and haters, but really all I have to do was rise above it. I know, harder said than done most of the time. I'm not perfect and sometimes born with a cynical humor and a sharp tongue doesn't help either. But I try.

Bottom line, I'm not friends with these people. I personally don't need that much negativity in my life.

The Black V fashion event is tonight and I received an email about sits were not guaranteed for media and a very strict photography rules, stricter than Mercedez Benz fashion week in New York. I'm not going to details right now but perhaps sometime next week.

To close the week, I present a very beautiful editorial that appears on the May/June issue of  Essential Homme. The editorial taps on Soul Artist Management talent Dmitriy Tanner as photographed by Matthew Lyn and styled by Terry Lu in pieces by Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Mugler and Robert Cavalli to name a few.


Z. said...

great blog! loved it. i'm following

Lexter Marcus T. said...

Awesome! Glad you like it.