Thursday, May 31, 2012

Things That I Want: Red Hot - Zara

On my way home last night after grabbing dinner with two friends, this girl on the radio cancelled a date because the guy was taking her out on a Wednesday night . . . it was the first date. I started to think, almost all my first dates happened on a weekday. One most likely dinner would be on the menu and the easiest way to make reservations would be a weeknight. I personally don't think any of it but I supposed some people read connotations from something so mundane as the day picked. Apparently the weekend means something more. Oh please. Then again weekend dates were way more fun to my experience. I guess there might be truth behind her crazy after all.

This post would be one of my Things That I Want that I already own. Since I consider Zara completely accessible, I'm merely sharing what I bought and keeping the red theme that I had going for this week. Like I said before I wish I could afford to throw use my money on high fashion brand names but that wont be realistic. The first item that I got was the reversible bermudas. I mean come on, everybody loves a twofer. I also love the two sides were completely different fabrics. The bermudas retail for $59.90 and the second piece from Zara was the combined fringed sneaker. I've wanted wingtip/sneaker hybrid for a time now and one that I wont feel bad if I scruffed it like the Prada sneaker/brogue. The shoes retail for $89.90