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Special Runway Review: Black V Fashion Show 2012 - How Dahae Kim's D'Homme Stole The Show

First and foremost, I really wish I could post some of the photos I've taken but unfortunately I wouldn't even bother sending them for approval because all of them were off to the side shots. Alas, I was not sitting in front row for this show. I understood that not everybody would be able to. Actually, one of the local designers that I'm acquainted with was wondering why was I sat where I was sitting and he himself had to be sat somewhere uncomfortable.

Hontestly, when I'm New York, most of the time I'm not in front row but that's a different ballgame. I was almost tempted to vacate my assigned chair and stay at "the pit" Gasp! Sacrilege!

But I digress . . . I supposed I should be happy that I had an assigned chair and not standing in the back.

The show was a success and knowing that there were "big hitters" showing their collections, I was excited. The show's proceeds would benefit the fashion department of City College of San Francisco.

Out of the eight designers that showed on Saturday. I was excited to see Daniel Sudar's and D'Homme by Dahae Kim the most. Astonish magazine hosted the event so at the end of this post I included a link so you can check out some of the pieces from the show.  

Acta Non Verba

Acta Non Verba opened the night with a stripe black and gold dress while the model played the violin. Very interesting.  The collection included pieces of lace over gold fabrics and a splash of red here there. I liked the black/gold draped dress with the lace overlay on the bodice. 

Daniel Sudar

The collection opened with shorts from his ready to wear collection that gradually led to the suits and tailored pieces that the designer was known for. I must say those shorts fit the models like a glove. The embroidered jackets I also adored. The designer also featured a look that I loved from collections all over Europe the tailored summer suit, shorts paired with a tailored blazer.  I always trust that Daniel would deliver a tailored and handsome collection.

Cari Borja 

I remembered her collection from the last Snow show to be easy and breezy. Her latest collection mimicked the spirit of the all white collection but this time in dark colors. free flowing boho dresses and floor grazing gowns paraded the runway. The gents' featured a very beachy lounge wear that also was featured from the last show. 

GB Shrive

The collection consisted of denim and leather pieces in forms of ready to wear pieces and pieced out gowns of leather swatches. Prints and shirts with graphics summed up a heavily textured collection. Like I always said before, I don't personally understand women's wear but I could appreciate the artistry and design on the pieces. The juxtaposition of the the hard and soft was brilliant.

D' Homme by Dahae Kim

I really REALLY loved this collection. Of course it had hints of military, which would be my weakness. The jacket that opened the show was to die for! The dramatic front piece and hint of leather was so oh exquisite. The sleeveless pieces were ahhhmazing! Especially the one with the leather epaulettes/ shoulder pieces. The open jacket partnered with leather waist detail on the pants was great. The collection was reminiscent of the caliber of collections like Dior Homme and Kris Van Assche's name brand. I think I might have called her from a previous review from last year's San Francisco fashion week as the Kris Van Assche of San Francisco. Watch out, Menswear world Dahae would be a force to be reckoned with. 

Kate Knuvelder

The collection's main focal point were the one of a kind accessories that donned the models. From a chainmail headpiece to extra long bead shrugs to your very own butterfly neck halo. I always wanted a chainmail hood. Now I know who makes them. 

Ken Chen

I believe that this would be the collection that premiered from the designer's first Mercedes Benz fashion week show in New York. The collection featured leather and fur embellished jackets and jacket dresses as well. Great clean and well executed looks.

Zoe Hong

Zoe Hong closed the show with a touch of dominatrix wear inspired lingerie and a touch risque evening wear. I just loved when the designer came out in the pink kimono like a madame that she was.

Again, I would like to thank Daniel Sudar for inviting me to the show and for the photos, follow the link **here**

hmm, I thought my name was spelled correctly on the email.

**Photos by Michael Vu collections of Kate Knuvelder, Daniel Sudar, and D'Homme by Dahae Kim

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