Monday, May 21, 2012

Runway Monday: Swagger Like Jagger - Lanvin Fall/Winter 2012-13 Review

I'm on a streak of eventful and fun weekends! Where every weekend, different from the last. A true sign that the Spring/Summer seasons were in a full swing. To escape the Bay to Breakers crowd I decided to stay away from the crazy folks who were in town for the marathon/binge street drunkenness. A decision that I really pat myself on the back for doing.

I mean I got to fly a kite on Saturday while at a park picnic . . . deep in suburbia. Simple, clean fun. It was just hilarious that when I posted a picture of the park, E.S. knew that I would feel dirty at the end of the day, and I didn't roll on the grass or anything. E.S. called it the extended Catholic guilt. I call it, clean sheets. I spend the day in the Sun, I have to take a shower the minute I get home. Simple.

And yesterday? Two words: Lazy Sunday. It was wonderful.

For today's runway review, we have one of the stars from the Parisian line up last January, Lanvin. The new collection, featured a very whimsical translation of the 70's. I said whimsical because the reference was 70's inspired but completely modern with the silhouettes. The drop shoulder coats created this wide-big shoulder look with the cinched waist creating a new shape that was both masculine yet soft at the same time. The color palette, in general was muted with pops of colors of powder blue, red and mustard through out the collection. The texture was rich with shearling, wool and leather, staples of the colder seasons. The tops consisted of small collared shirts and slim turtlenecks. The pants were inspired by the decade with the high waist and flared bottoms. The accessories were my favorite from the collection. The felt/resin cap I wanted. Especially with the sunglasses look was just so me. The smaller version of the briefcase I absolutely loved. Eventhough, it was no surprise that the outerwear were the main players of the collection, I found myself being funned of the Eel kimono striped shirt. Yes I said Eel. But not so much of the other striped pieces that reminded me of old time prison garb.

An overall playful yet very wearable collection from the masters, Elbaz and Ossendrijver. Simple and chic . . . er handsome, I mean.

Happy Monday my fashionistos and fashionistas!

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