Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things That I Want: Walk A Mile In His Choos - Jimmy Choo Spring/Summer 2012

Jimmy Choo S/S 2012
I have to say that Facebook is one of those social networking sites rich with useless information I mean, daily static information. The other night while on the last stretch before getting off work, I checked my wall and found this link posted by an ex (the irony really) about Top 25 Things You'll Learn In Your 20's posted **here**. Ryan O'Connell brought up a lot of things that I went through most of them within the past couple of years. Yes, even the bad fashion or what I consider bad fashion.  I still have boxes from my college/fraternity years at my parent's house as a reminder that I once entered that god forsaken place also known as Abercrombie and Fitch.

Nick Jonas in his Choos
Another busy day awaits me today. The good thing about this week, it flew by like the wind down the streets of San Francisco.

In this week's Things That I Want post, I'm crazy about these pair of Jimmy Choos. Okay I'm not the only fashionisto out there just dying to say that, yep thanks to that show called Sex And The City. But when I heard that Jimmy Choo will have a men's line it's almost like I could here Angels sing . . . or was I just passing a church, I can't remember. Regardless, I'm really liking the take on the tassel loafers called Hamilton. Classic but redefined by the tubular tassel. Tasseled loafers is definitely one of the must have trend this Spring/Summer. Oh Jimmy Choo, I love you. The shoes retail for $750, not bad for a pair of Choos.

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