Saturday, May 19, 2012

Deep End - Kevin & Jonathan Sampaio by Kristiina Wilson

Yesterday, my group's Dallas trip got cancelled due to a person's umm mistake (?) The good news for this person, that we were able to reschedule the walkthrough and they didn't get fired. This could have been avoided if things had been done and booked in a timely manner. Oh well, I ended up doing a few things on my to do list done before the weekend rolled in.

The Bay To Breakers is happening over the weekend and I assume it will be crazy as always leading to the actual event. Yesterday, while making small talks with the peson working the counter at Zara which undoubtedly just asked me out, I ended just laughing uncomfortably politely and mentioned that I'm going out of town for a quick trip or something rather. I know there was a saying that to be successful you should always appear available without being too available.

I'm closing the week with a swimwear post for the WWD's Men's Week magazine. We have the brothers Kevin and Jonathan Sampaio as photographed by Kristiina Wilson. The two were styled by Alex Badia with bright and modern cut swimwear featuring a more fitted than what most men had been used to. A good thing mind you. Change could be good.

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