Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One Day, Someday - Francisco Lachowski & Florian Van Bael by Aline & Jacqueline Tappia

Last night, while closing the long weekend at a coupled friend's place playing cards and beer. At some point they brought up their plans for their to-be first home. Wall color swatches, wood floor choices, and the works came out. They've been together for five years I believe and they're about to buy their first property as a couple.

Honestly for a minute, I was like I want that. I want to settle down. But do I? I say it but my freedom is such an integral part of my life right now that I find myself second guessing my relationship choices. I joke around about my recent break up, defense mechanism, perhaps. Eventhough it was a mutual decision, I did open the door, we just "walked together" through it. Like any person there would be nights where I contemplate to myself if I made the right decision. In the end all we have would be our conviction.

For somebody who spent a good number of years of my adult life being with somebody, you'd think that I would have got this down by now. But I don't. One day, Someday. I would.

In today's post, we have an editorial that appeared on the first issue of ODDA magazine with the title Questioned Innocence. Top model Francisco Lachowski and Florian Van Bael stared on the editorial that was photographed by the amazing Aline and Jacqueline Tappia. Styled by David Martin and Maria Ruiz with pieces by Louis Vuitton, Frankie Morello, and Costume National to name a few.

The magazine looked promising. I'm excited what the editors had up their sleeves.

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