Friday, May 4, 2012

Double Trouble - Jordan & Zac Stenmark by Daniel Jaems

Last night, I finally got to enjoy one of the most celebrated restaurants in San Francisco, Frances. I'm not a  food snob but I do enjoy great food. Somewhere deep inside me, probably my stomach, I would love to be Anthony Boudain and just travel the world eating great food and drink great wine all day. Unfortunately, I'm no cook. So I stick to what I know, fashion. I wish I can say the same for the company. I'm half-kidding.

It will be a busy weekend for me. I'm not working but I'm attending a few social gatherings that I promise to make an appearance. Now what to wear . . .

I have yet to attend an event where I'm wearing the same thing as somebody else. Must be mortifying. When we were younger my mother would dress my older brother and I with matching outfits and people would think we are twins, till we rebelled on the idea or just developed separate identities. In highschool at Sacred Heart, I was actually good friends with twins like the Stenmark twins below, they are identical. And I always wonder what it feels like to grow up with somebody that looks like you. Of course, I have asked this question, but to them they don't really look alike, which in a way is true, if you look closely not even the Stenmark twins look 100% alike.

In today's editorial that features the Stenmark twins. Jordan and Zac are photographed by Daniel Jaems for co:lab. Julian Gregory styled the duo with pieces by Bally, Dries Van Noten, Comme des Garcons, and Calvin Klein.

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