Monday, May 7, 2012

Runway Monday: Tail Feather - Etro Fall/Winter 2012-13 Review

On Saturday, I went to attend a surprise birthday party for one of my friends/ Cinco de Mayo celebration. I had fun but we're not going there. The reason I mentioned the event was because of a very touching toast that was given to my friend by his partner. It made tear up a bit. I thought the message was truly heartfelt. I'm genuinely happy for my friend but things like this makes me wish for a conventional relationship. It was just hard when things as mundane as going to a party together seemed like reaching for the stars. Well I supposed I should be glad to find somebody as great as E.S., no matter what.

Finally got my confirmation yesterday for the Black V fashion show on Saturday. Now to plan the outfit. The theme for Saturday would be Black and Gold. Stay tune.

In today's Runway Monday, we have the Milanese house of Kean Etro. When they said "shake you tail feather", they meant literally as feathers galore exploded on the pieces. We already knew of the paisley but in this collection a little dash of the southwest was mixed with the said print. The result? A very rich, dramatic and almost Avante Garde collection. The color story for the collection ranges from the black and white to more richer colors in hues of reds and greens. The outerwear were dramatic with the great choice of velvet and southwestern/mexicana prints. As I mentioned before, One of the biggest trend for the coming Fall/Winter seasons would be capes and grand coats. Etro's version of a cape/grand coat is a modern take of a poncho. Others had feather trims and "tail feathers" on the back of tweed jackets and other more sartorial prints. The shirts and pants were of rich velvet some with the paisleys and more feathers. 

The accessories included an array of wide brim feathered hats that I loved. The bags were beautiful and had the southwest motif as well. The shoes were something, from printed loafers to a more delicate feathered toe caps. The feather bow ties and pocket squares I also loved. I was not a big fan of the fringed scarfs but I'm just biased since I don't really gravitate to dandy pieces and prints.

To say that the Etro man for the Fall/Winter season was a true show peacock would be an understatement.

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