Thursday, May 3, 2012

Things That I Want: Where The Wild Things Are - Giacomorelli Loafers

As I tweeted yesterday, it felt like the weekend came early this week. Having a regular day job means a somewhat consistent work schedule. So I don't have the luxury like other people to be out on a weeknight. Not to mention that night time equals skype session with E.S. . . . unless my friends somehow persuaded me to bleed out happy hour to do some karaoke. No, I didn't sing in public eventhough it is one the woes of having friends that are great singers. Of course I can sing but like I say, just because you can it doesn't mean that you should. But the fact that the Karaoke event comes after Glee is just unheard of. Sarcasm.

In this week's Things That I Want post, I present to you, the leopard horsehide studded loafers by Giacomorelli. The one that I wanted are actually part of last year's collection. This season's version had the studded side and leopard print reversed and now comes in green, red and blue hues. I just adore the right balance of edge and class of these loafers. Eventhough I love Louboutin's take on the studded leopard loafers, I like Giacomorelli's take on it far better. Italian wins over the French on this round.

An acquaintance once told me that I shouldn't wear anything that can not be found in nature when he commented on my Versace print shirt that has a leopard print in blue green. Which I retorted well does that mean I should not wear a blue cotton shirt because blue cotton does not really grow anywhere out there. What? You've never heard of a green leopard? Sheesh. The shoes retail for $736. But for argument's sake, I do like the natural brown variant.

Have a great day, my fashionistos and fashionistas!

Spring/Summer 12 variant

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