Monday, August 1, 2011

Nerd - Bernardo Velasco by Joao P. Teles

The new face of Summer Shop, a Brazilian swimwear company, Bernardo Velasco plays a quirky, dorky, sexy (?) boy for photographer Joao P. Teles. The duo improvised a studio in their hotel room and shot the following mini-editorial-esque shoot while on break shooting the campaign and lookbook for the swimwear company.
Monday is here once again and I can't believe it's August already! At the same time I'm defo excited, since next month is New York Fashion Week and I'm going! I included a link to Summer Shop at the end of the post and you can check more of Bernardo in swimwear, If you want, And I know that you know you want to. Speaking of checking out something, I almost missed my flight because I misread the time of my flight. Next time, triple check.

And follow this link for the Summer Shop website: Click ME!

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