Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On To The Next - 'The Collection' on 8-27-2011

Im just about to get to my normal routine when I realized, that's right, there will be no normal routine till after New York fashion week and a week after that which is London fashion week. Not that I'm complaining, of course not! A number of people asked me yesterday what I did over the weekend, and I answered "I was working" and of course, they apologized and 'aww'ed but after I told them where was I . . .  I don't think they were sorry for me after all, being in front row looking at clothes, yep! Poor me.

The biggest coincidence happened on Sunday night's show. As any fashion blogger would attest, I'm always trying to get to see as much show as I can, locally, nationally and soon internationally. So, I'm trying to get invited to another upcoming SF fashion show and what do you know? I looked at the chair next to me (well I have to thank Owen Geronimo and Michael Lesniak of omgiluv.it for coincidentally making it happen) and it was reserved for Joseph Domingo, one of the designers showing AND most importantly, one of the people in charge of media PR.***SMILE*** It was awesome, both gentleman, Domingo and Lesniak, were great.  So my fashionistos and fashionistas, the next show in San Francisco is called 'The Collection' by the San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Network. I missed their last fashion show, Black V if you remember back in May, I was talking about my outfit (Moji embellished/veilled baseball cap) but had to fly out very last minute to Los Angeles the weekend of the show. Well, I'm planning not to miss this one.  It's on the 27th and will be held at the gorgeous British Motor Car showroom on Van Ness. The thing I love about this show is that it will benefit a local charity, Dress For Success.

Out of the list of prominent designers based in San Francisco,Three will be showing, which are Daniel Sudar, Acta Non Verba, and of course, Joseph Domingo.

The tickets are $25 for gen. ad and $60 for VIP seating/per show and a special VIP package is also available. VIP status includes a gift bag, access to the VIP lounge and of course, the most important part: front row seats.

Hope to see most of you there!

Here is the link to SFBA fashion network's website to know more about the designers showing and where to get tickets. Click here for the SFBA fashion network's website.
or go straight to this link to purchase your tickets: Buy Tickets Now!!!

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