Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Partings - 'The Collection' Fashion Show & My Weekend

What a weekend! The Collection was amazing. The runway round up report will be posted tomorrow or the day after, so stay tuned!

I was a little bummed out that my kaftan shirt/simple black blazer look didn't work at all, due to weird fitting of the kaftan shirt. So I went to plan B, dapper as it goes; Thom Browne bowtie, Comme des Garcons shirt, my Burberry Prorsum shoes and my drop crotch  chambray pants. I can never go wrong with that look. I guess edgy wasn't in my cards that day.

Saturday was a weird day, due to the fact that I was running around like a madman till the last second, trying to put on an outfit. Well I guess, it didn't help much that I was out pretty late the night before. So after purchasing most of the pieces for my "Plan B" look. I went to have brunch with a friend of mine at a new-ish restaurant in the Mission called Grub, known for their Mac and Cheese bar. The mac and cheese was alright but I'm not gonna say it was the best. So after brunch, I went to change and drove off to the event held at the British Motor Car showroom on Van ness.

Of course, I ended up parking at one of those over-priced parking garage which totally made me think that I should have called for a town car. I paid as much already anyway. I also found out, upon checking in that I was upgraded to see not two but all of the shows which was a nice surprise.

The Venue: right before the Daniel Sudar's show
The venue was well picked for the collection. The place was amazing from the exposed wood, the marble pillars to the grand chandeliers. The VIP room mimics the lobby for NYFW at Lincoln Center with plenty of wine, cheese and other hors d'oeuvres.

The show production, especially Joseph Domingo's, rivaled that of top names showing at New York. He did say that he would change my mind on how I look at show productions in SF fashion when we sat next to each other during SFFW. I was floored. The lighting was great, the soundtrack was on cue and I thought the live band for Daniel Sudar's show was a nice touch.

The collections themselves were none short of amazing. There was a difference on sophistication and trained eye to compare pieces from a new designer, learning the ropes, from the masters.

I just thought that the event wasn't publicized to its full potential, especially the fact that the shows were for  a good cause.

After the event, I ended up joining a friend for some well-made cocktails at Jaspers and Owl Tree in downtown.

Eventhough I cancelled on some people so I can attend The Collection,  I was glad that I went and stayed because I did enjoy myself and met some new people in the business, not to mention saw one of the better shows I've attended so far this year.

Well, another Monday is upon us, try not to let it get to you, my fashionistos and fashionistas.

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