Friday, August 19, 2011

Sorry, I Almost Forgot - Odeur Lookbook S/S 2012

The funny thing about being busy that sometimes you forget about the very important things one should remember. Well because the over achiever that I am ends up taking too much on my plate. Alas, this is me. I almost forgot about my mother's birthday. I know, such a horrible son! Thank god, I touched based with my Dad yesterday. Off to Saks, I will go later this day to buy her a present, before our dinner reservation tonight. I should really merge my private calendar and business calendar together.  I have to apologize to a new friend and cancel our dinner plans, I feel bad really but hey family will always comes first. I mean they did "invest" a lot of money on my future ha ha ha.

Recently, I'm beginning to get acquainted with scandinavian fashion. I love how simplistic they are and how they have a very fresh insight on how they perceive fashion. For my Friday post I give you Odeur, a swedish label that meddles and bends the obscurity between menswear versus womenswear, sorta like my favorite Korean label Kai Aakmann. I love how simple the pieces are but very impressive nonetheless. I encourage you to check out each look by making the image larger. I love the blazers and the oversized kaftans shirts and how they are paired with those shorts. Well happy Friday everybody!

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