Thursday, August 18, 2011

My "Social" Is Coming Out - David Agbodji by Kevin Amato

I finally got another official invite for another show but for standing room media, hmm this is where my "growing-up 'well taken care off'" complex comes up. According to Kelly Cutrone of People's Revolution and Rachel Zoe, If you get invited to a show and you get seated pass third row might as well not show up. Should I go or not? I'm on the border. Especially when seats are sold by the ticket and not invite, I'm tempted to just use the plastic to get VIP tickets and actually sit on front row. I know, I know my 'social' (see: socialite and snobbery ha ha ha) is coming out. I shall keep you guys posted on this matter.

I know it's Thursday and I don't have a special exclusive post for today. As I said yesterday, I'm actually finishing up a project for a deadline and didn't have time to research and write something up. I apologize, I might have to write something up for the weekend or something, we shall see!

Today's editorial post features instant famedom model David Agbodji in great blazers by Thom Browne, Comme des Garcons,  and Dior Homme to name a few. You can see this editorial entitled Fix Up Look Sharp in the Spring/Summer issue of Block Magazine lensed by Kevin Amato and styled by James Worthington Demolet.

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